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Revisited: Clambering over that potential brick wall – How to persuade your partner!

on March 6, 2012

I’ve had quite a few emails where people have been asking me how they can get their partners to use fluffy nappies, so I thought I’d reshare this blog post. I’ll be sharing more old posts in the future as I know it can be a pain scrolling down to find things.

Hope this is helpful!


When I first suggested the idea of using real nappies to my hubby, he wasn’t totally for it. He had visions of them being a lot of work and, although he won’t admit it now, thought that it’d be something I’d start – then give up pretty easily. A lot of dads (and in some households, mums) have the same thoughts when their partner approaches them with the idea of using cloth. Why bother with all the ‘work’? Won’t they be expensive? Isn’t it a lot of hassle? Will we keep it going? It’s just not ‘normal’!

So – for those of you that are, perhaps, struggling a little with persuading your partner that cloth really is easy (and a brilliant thing to use), here’s some ideas.

I’m going to assume that most of the reluctant partners are male, as that seems to be more often than not the case. Men like practicality, as a rule, so if you approach nappies from that point of view then you could be onto a winner. Talk to him about how easy it’d be to have all the nappies in the house. You’d never run out, never need to do an emergency dash to the shops. It’d just be a whole lot easier! My hubby was definitely swayed by this approach – and, I have to admit, it’s just so much simpler when you don’t have to worry!

There’s also the financial aspect of it. I know that this approach was quite helpful for a lot of mummies I know. Cloth nappies do, initially, seem very expensive in comparison to picking up a pack or two of disposables, but as I showed in my post on cost comparisons, they work out one hell of a lot cheaper in the long run. So, show him! Explain that you can also recoup a lot of your money by selling them on. That often does the trick!

Some dads (apologies again for assuming that the male of the household is reluctant!) are rather eco-conscious, so that’d be an area that you could tap into. To be honest, if you have an eco-friendly dad in the house, then it’s likely that cloth nappies would be high up on your list of baby essentials anyway. However, just in case they’re not – cloth nappies are great in this respect. With cloth nappies you can choose, to a great extent, how much environmental impact you make by how you choose to wash and dry them. Higher temperature washes and tumble drying will obviously have a negative impact, along with washing every day. ‘Which’ have a section on their website that states that cloth nappies can be up to 40% better for the environment as long as parents take sensible steps. You can read it here

Then there’s also the obvious cuteness aspect. Being brutally honest, I don’t think that my hubby really gives a monkeys about what the nappies look like (apart from the rather funky Grinch one that I got for Christmas) as long as they work. Funky prints seem to be more a girly thing, but I’m sure that there are some men out there who love them!

My personal view is that to get your partner onboard, it’s much easier to get them started early. Once you’ve used disposables for a while, it’s that bit more tricky to make the change. Saying that, my hubby’s cousin is using cloth with her 4th baby after using disposables for all the others AND she’s started when he’s 1. So, that transition can be made. It just involves changing a mindset.


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