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Wonderful WAHM’s – Baby Dubois

on March 7, 2012


In previous posts, I’ve mentioned that there are lots of lovely WAHM (work at home mums) who make the most beautiful creations. I love making things myself, I can kind of crotchet as long as it just involves going in straight lines (I make a mean blanket!) and I love creating things like decoupage boxes, but a skill that seems to elude me somewhat is sewing.

Don’t get me wrong. I can do the basic stuff like hemming, creating basic items like curtain tiebacks and dribble bibs, but I cannot – for the life of me – do anything more than that. I’m trying, I really am, but I just make a mess of things and can’t follow patterns to save my life. My Home Economics teacher would be so disappointed in me, especially as I was top of my class and made several stunning items (according to her report notes, I kid you not!) including a fetching blue cookery apron, flouncy nightgown (yep, in the 90’s they still thought that this was an appropriate thing for a teenager to make…) and a skirt. I can’t even remember what colour it was, but I’m sure it was lovely…

Anyway… the point is (after all my lovely, rambly wanderings down memory lane), is that I get rather impressed when I see WAHM creations and one landed on my doorstep the other day that I just had to share with you. It’s a sized nappy by Baby Dubois in a lovely, funky stripy material. Baby Dubois make and stock slings, clothes and cute little baby gifts. Their cloth nappies are a new range and as the company is a local WAHM one to me, I thought that I should blog about the nappy as I really, really like it!

The nappy is a very simple, side snapped outer that you lie an insert and liner inside and then popper onto your baby. Being honest here, when I first saw the nappy I didn’t think that it would hold an insert, let alone hold in anything else, as it’s really thin in the crotch area. I was wrong! I put a Weenotions insert inside the nappy, poppered it onto Monkey (making sure that nothing was sticking out of the sides) and popped him into a babygrow.

For the next three hours he played on the floor, in his jumper and had a feed. I checked every now and then, convinced that the slimness in the crotch wasn’t going to hold everything in, but it did! When I went to change him, he had only done a small poo but had piddled loads (as usual) and his babygrow was dry. No leaks! Result!

Every time he’s worn the nappy since, it’s been very good and we’ve not had an accident/ leak yet. He hasn’t, however, done anything horrendously explosive in it so I can’t say for certain how it would hold up, but I’m quietly confident! New nappies are always a bit of a leap of faith, so I’m really pleased that mine paid off!!!


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