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Making the move to cups.

on March 13, 2012

As Monkey is getting that little bit older, we’ve started to make the transition from just using boobs/bottles to other types of drinking vessels. I don’t know about all of you, but I’m finding it a tad annoying trying to find one that suits him – he’s being really fussy, or just doesn’t seem to have a clue how to use them!

So what I thought I’d do today, just partly to get it off my chest, and partly to go through my experiences, is to share with you the ones that we’ve got (so far…I’m sure that there will be more) and what Monkey does with them. There’s ones that I like more than others at the moment, but I’m sure that in time that’ll change – just like I now prefer very different cloth nappies to the ones that I started with. Before I go any further, I’m going to be very transparent and let you know that I’ve been given two of these cups to review. The first one is the Oxo sippy cup set from VUP baby and the second is the Nuby cup. Whilst I haven’t paid for these, my opinions are my own and I’m being brutally honest!

Here’s a snap of all the cups we have. I’ve written about them in order, starting from the bottom right and working round in an anticlockwise arc!


Monkey is mainly, almost exclusively now (yay) breastfed but we have always given some milk in bottles. At first it was because I had an utterly pitiful milk supply, he had tongue tie, and we had to top up a little with prescription formula. As time has gone on, he’s getting pretty much what he needs daily from me and we are trying to make sure that we do give him a bottle every now and then so that he’s able to take milk from others (something that’s going to be incredibly important as he’s off to nursery next month).

I started off trying to use Doidy cups from the NCT shop, as I’d been told that they were great for breastfed babies and avoided any nipple confusion. For those of you that don’t know what they are, they’re an angled open sippy cup that the baby uses by almost lapping at the contents. Monkey LOVES these – he gets incredibly excited when he sees them, but then he quite often tips a lot of the contents all over himself! You have to be very, very careful when using a Doidy cup with a baby, but if you get the hang of them then they are great.

However, for him using out and about, they’re definitely not leakproof and now that he’s a little bit older I’ve started to look at other options. The first cup I got for him was the Dr Brown’s training cup, which has handles that can be removed It’s very good in that it doesn’t leak at all but the sippy bit is quite thin and he doesn’t seem to know what to do with it. He moves it around his mouth, chews on it a bit and generally looks confused. It’s probably not ‘nipple-shaped’ enough for him and I think I might need to revisit this one when he’s a little bigger. It’s nice and small for fitting into a bag when you go out and I just wish that he could get the hang of it!

The next cup I got was the Nuby No-Spill cup. This doesn’t have any handles, but that doesn’t seem to phase Monkey at all. He loves the bright colour of this cup and tries to grab onto it as soon as I give it to him. The spout is more rounded and this seems to work better for him as he can get liquid out of it. However, at the moment, he’s not quite got the hang of how to hold it up enough to get a good flow out of it, so I have to help him (which usually results in some frustrated noises as he wants to do it himself!) I think that this cup will be a ‘grower’ that he’ll get more adept at using in a month or so. It doesn’t leak, is nice and robust and the spout suits his mouth much more.

But the Nuby cup seemed a little hard for him to hold up at the moment, so I had another look around and came across the Brother Max cup This one is a training cup that changes and grows as the baby does, turning from a starter sippy cup into a full cup by the end. It has removable handles, a teat that is more like a bottle/nipple teat and is angled, which makes it really easy to drink out of. The handles utterly flummoxed Monkey at first as he just couldn’t figure out how to hold them properly, but once he’d got his head around it, he’s been very happily using this cup. This is my current favourite as the mixture of the handles and the more rounded teat are really working for him at this stage in his development.

The final cup that I’ve got is the Oxo Tot training cup from VUP baby. This one is different to all the others that I have as it has a hard spout. It comes with an extra training cup lid for later on that has little holes in it, all around the top, which helps to control the flow of liquid. Monkey found this cup a little confusing at first, as he’s never had a hard spout in his mouth. He had a good old chew on it at first, looked slightly bemused by it, then eventually – after Mummy showing him a fair few times how it worked, he had a suck. All of a sudden, this seems to be HIS favourite (even if I do prefer the softer spouts). He loves grabbing onto the handles and is actually getting a good amount of liquid out of the cup. I can also safely say that it handles being dropped pretty well as this is the only one that I’ve not managed to catch!

Maybe my baby is ready for a hard spout? Maybe I need to rethink the softer options? Hmmm. Lots of food for thought. Have any of you been trying out different cups? Is it just me who’s finding it rather tricky or is this pretty normal?


2 responses to “Making the move to cups.

  1. bubbablue says:

    (Bottle fed baby here, although I’m not convinced it really makes much of a difference when moving to a cup if they’ve been combination fed as many are by solids weaning age). We have a doidy cup but I keep forgetting to use it, plus he’s quite strong and he doesn’t like me holding it steady.

    Otherwise we just use a tommee tippee sippy cup. Took him a while to move to milk in it, but no problem with water.

    But I do have friends who have fussier babies who have tried all kinds of bottles to cup types.

  2. Sara says:

    Couldn’t disagree more! I tried the brother max cup with my little buy on numerous occasions and he could never get the hang of it – or any other bottle with complicated teat / valve set-ups for that matter. For him it was the most basic free-flow tommee tippee cup that was the best by far – in fact he still uses the same cups now and he’s almost 3!

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