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Fear and Clothing!

on March 15, 2012

As it’s nearly the weekend, I thought I’d do my Quick Weekend Catchup early for a very good reason. Monkey and I are off on a little holiday to see our family, leaving behind Mr Clothbum (awwwwww…) Don’t worry, though, I’ll be popping in and out courtesy of Wi-fi!

Going away with cloth – I’ve blogged about it before, but this holiday is going to be a little bit different. Whenever we’ve been since Monkey has been born, we’ve stayed at my parent’s house. The great thing about that (as far as cloth nappies are concerned) is that they have the same washer and dryer that we do. That makes my whole laundry routine pretty simple as it’s just the same as being at home.

Whilst I’m really looking forward to staying with my lovely in-laws, I have to be honest that I’m a little nervous. I’ve never washed my nappies in another washing machine and I’ve not used a different machine for about eight years. I think it’s the slight control freak in me coming out, but eeeeek – I don’t want to ruin my lovely nappies.

Soooo – I have a confession. I’ve mostly packed nappies that I don’t care about so much. Ooops. Is that wrong of me? There’s another reason behind that – they’re a stash of Flip inserts that I bought secondhand for taking away on holidays. They pack down so small that they’re perfect for taking away and I won’t be quite so heartbroken if something happens to them. On the other hand, if I managed to ruin one of my lovely Itti’s by messing up the washing then I’d be really annoyed.

Have any of you been on holiday with cloth and used a machine that you weren’t sure about? Anyone had any disastrous moments? Let’s all share – I’ll let you know if I manage to keep my Flips in one piece…


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