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Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

on March 17, 2012

As I’m in the process of trying my best to get Monkey ready for nursery, there’s been something that I’ve been attempting (with very little success) to achieve with him.

Monkey is a bit of a thumbsucker, prefers a boob and will NOT take a dummy. They get chewed around the mouth, sucked for a few moments – just to make me feel as if he might be getting the hang of it – and then spat out, at high velocity, often pinging off into the distance!

Now, I know that the issue of thumb-sucking vs. dummies can be quite a contentious one and I have no wish to get into a huge debate about it. The problem that we have is that as he’s off to nursery, he’s not going to have me to nurse him for comfort and I’d much rather he didn’t turn to his thumb. At the end of the day, I can’t take a thumb away whereas I can take away/ wean him off a dummy. There’s also the orthodontic aspects of thumb-sucking where the dental development of a baby can be affected, as well as speech development to consider. I come from a dental family and I did have speech problems when I was younger, so you can see why I’d prefer a dummy over a thumb any day.

I just wish Monkey would! So, to try and coax him that perhaps, just maybe, a dummy might be ok for whilst he’s not with Mummy I’ve had a good look around to try and find different types and styles of dummies for him. We have pretty much every shape known to man and some lovely looking Hevea natural dummies on the way.

I had some success the other night, when he was dropping off during nursing and managed to pop a dummy in. He KEPT IT IN, which was fantastic and even fell asleep for a few hours, but when he woke up – ooooh he was angry!

So, as I said, most of our dummies end up spat out on the floor. Usually, bounced off to a part of the floor that one of our many cats has just sat on, which is…lovely. There has also been a few times where a dummy has become a bit of a plaything for a moggy! Keeping them clean is obviously, incredibly important and I was rather chuffed when the lovely ladies at Milton sent me over their fab new invention to have a play with.


It’s a little mini portable steriliser that you can strap onto your pram, buggy or even your changing bag. I use their products all over the house anyway – have done even before I had a baby. I think it’s because my Mum continued to use the big M after we were little and always had a bottle of it under the sink. There’s something about the smell of it that reminds me of my childhood!


When I’d unpackaged it, I realised that it was really easy to use. It has a outer watertight shell, two sponges (one big one and one thinner one with a hole it in) and comes with a strap and some mini sterilising tablets. You fill it to the fill line with cold water, put in the sponges and put a dummy in the one with a hole, giving it a twist to clean it. Then you screw on the lid and leave it for fifteen minutes to work its magic. Easy! The brilliant thing is you can use the solution repeatedly during the day, so dummies can be really easily sterilised if you’re out and about.

Have a look at their website here to see how it works in more detail.

I set it all up and popped in a dummy before we went out on one of our walks to the park. The plan was to feed the ducks (although once we got there, there were no ducks to be seen!) Half way there, he decided that he wanted me. I KNEW that he didn’t need a feed so thought that I’d give a dummy a try. He was actually quite happy for about five minutes then it went pinging out onto the grass in the park. Now, normally I’d either wipe the dummy down with a sterilising wipe (I always forget to seal these things up properly and they’re always drying out in my bag) or give up, as I never remember to bring spare dummies with me. But, I had the one in the steriliser, so I just took that one out to give to him and popped the dirty one in to be sterilised for later. Simple!


I’ve got to say that it’s a nifty little bit of kit that’s actually very sensible. I’m not sure how much use we’ll be getting out of it as Monkey is resolute in his, “I hate dummies” campaign, but I hope that it’ll become a much more used item in our house.

Daisytheclothbummum was sent the Milton products to review but has not received any monetary payment or compensation for writing this review. All thoughts & opinions above are my own.


2 responses to “Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

  1. I think it is great (my daughter loves to pop hers out for fun and it usually goes about everywhere but nicely kept in her pram) although he will probably put other non-sterilized things in his mouth once he starts nursery. It is new to him, the taste, the use of it, but he will get used to it. Or he might not use any of them (thumb/soother). Good luck !

  2. Thanks!! I hope he gets used to them and avoids the thumb, but not having much luck so far x

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