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Quick Weekend Catchup!

on March 24, 2012

I just thought that I’d write a quick, little post – basically so that I can whoop at you all with utter excitement! Today I ran a stall for the first time at my local NCT Nearly New Sale. I was there in an advising capacity, so that cloth curious mummies & daddies could find out more about how easy it is to use cloth nappies and what it involves.

I set up my stall, honestly thinking that I’d maybe get a couple of people stopping by and being a little nosy (or to say something negative). I was so nervous! I spent ages looking at the stall, walking away so that I could see it from a distance, walking back and rearranging. I did this umpteen times until I was convinced that it looked good. Then I just waited – and watched people initially go to EVERY SINGLE OTHER STALL.

I quite rightly felt deflated – but not that surprised.


Oh my goodness! Lots and lots of lovely ladies & gents came over, gradually, and were all very interested in my fluffy lovely nappies. I didn’t stop – not for a second! I had lots of people sign up for local Nappuccinos that I’m going to be setting up and lots of people taking away information packs. It was fantastic! Obviously, I have no idea at the moment how many people will follow this all up, but it was a great start for me and I’m just buzzing!

Finger’s crossed I’ll get a lovely little group together of like-minded people who can find out more about fluff. What a fantastic day! Hope all of you had a great day too. I’m off to celebrate with a very small glass of white!


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