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Ha ha! Brilliant!

on March 27, 2012

I saw this on a Facebook group and had to share with you.

I’m sure that most of you get very annoyed with waiting in for parcels (especially fluffy post!) to find one of those lovely red cards has been sneakily put through the letterbox. I find it especially infuriating when I WAS IN!

I think the best one I’ve had was when I watched the postman go to put a card through the door. He didn’t try and knock, or ring the bell. So – I opened the door and informed him that I was in and asked if I could have my parcel. Which he didn’t have. The lazy (insert a word of your choice here) couldn’t be bothered to bring them out with him and wanted me (complete with a newborn) to do his job for him.


Whoops! That turned into a cathartic rant!

Anyway, enjoy!


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