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Memories are made of these…

on April 3, 2012


As Monkey is growing, I’m doing my best to keep up with all the photographs that we’re taking of him. My goodness – there’s LOADS of them and I’m finding it very hard to choose which ones I want to print out for keepsakes.

My mum made photo albums for all of us and I have so many fond memories of sitting, curled up next to her and looking through them. She must have got a little tired of going over and over the same photographs as I used to ask her to tell me stories about them – where we were, who the people were in them, etc. Those albums are very special and I’m now about to start scanning in all the photos from them so that I have digital copies, just in case anything ever happens to them.

Thinking back to those albums, it made me stop and think about something quite important. Our generation take so many photographs, thanks to digital cameras and memory cards – but how many of us remember to print them out? Hands up those who have images stored away on computers? Who’s actually remembered to back them up? How about making hard copies? And what about an actual print?

There’s so many photos that I don’t have backed up – it’s actually quite worrying when I stop and think about it. In fact, as I’m typing – I have a hard drive whirring away, backing up all those that I’d forgotten about and my plan for the next few weeks is to make a second backup and burn them all to CD’s so that I have multiples. It’d be heartbreaking if something went wrong and I lost them all.

And that’s the problem that a lot of us could face. But what made me stop and think even more is this thought. How many children nowadays actually get to flick through photo albums? How many get to FEEL a photo? I know it seems old-fashioned but there’s something so lovely about looking through real albums. They’re even nicer if someone has put them in there, along with comments or written information. I think it makes the whole experience really special and is great for posterity. Those children can then show them to their children, and so on… and so on…. (as long as the photographs haven’t degraded).

So, with that in mind – we’ve been making little photo albums for Monkey. Some of them have been done via an online printing company, so I can choose photos and type in information for them. I also have a whole stack of printed photos that I’m steadily putting into an album for him. It’s time-consuming, but it’s wonderful to look back at how much he’s grown already and I know we’ll have some lovely moments together looking through them.

I also got two wonderful Baby Memory Books when Monkey was born, which I’m also putting things into for him. Photos, information, hospital bands, dates of when he reached certain milestones, his weight and height charts/info. I have to make myself remember to do it, as there’s often not enough hours in the day – but they are looking so fab and I’m really pleased with them.

We also have a big memory box that I’m putting all kinds of things into. All of his cards from when he was born and his first Christmas have gone in there, along with his first babygrow and mittens. His little knitted hat and blanket that he got from hospital and a teeny little pair of blue dungarees. We also got the papers for the day he was born and his birth announcement. I think I might need to get a bigger box, though, as there’s no way I’m going to fit everything in over time!

The final thing that I’m doing is a lifetime journal. This has pages where you fill in information about yourself so that your children can find out what you were like. It’s a wonderful idea as I know that when my grandparents died, my parents had so many questions that they’d wanted to ask about their heritage/ their parent’s lives and had never got answers to. I’m just picking it up every now and then and writing a little bit in.

Which makes me wonder. What kinds of things are you doing for your little ones? Have you got any lovely ideas for them – ways in which they can have things to look back on in the future?

I’m off to add in more information about myself. Obviously – the slightly censored, not too brutal version! Mummy has to have some air of mystery about her… (plus I had far too much fun at Uni!!)


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