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He’s leaving home… (for two days a week!)

on April 8, 2012


As you might already know, Monkey is off to nursery and is going to be the only cloth-bummed babe there. I’ve organised his nursery stuff so that they’re all easy to use (Tots Bots Easyfits and BG’s) and I’m really hoping that it all work out ok.

However, I’ve realised something as I’ve been getting all the stuff ready. I’m going to have to talk them through what to do with his clothes, especially using vest extenders. In fact, I reckon I’m going to have to buy a whole new load of them just in case they get lost whilst he’s there. I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve managed to survive with just 6, but I think that I’ll be pushing it once he’s going out and about away from me.

I’m trying to be as organised as I can possibly be, making sure that nursery has absolutely everything that they could possibly need. But I hadn’t taken into consideration that I might need more wetbags – something that my friend has helped me out with, bless her! They probably won’t like to use the same one two days on the trot (he’s only there for that time), so I’ll have to have extras. It, therefore, looks as if I’m going to back to using my nappy pails at home to free up the bags that I do have.

The other thing that I’m going to have to do is educate them a little on dry-pailing. It’ll be awful if his nappies come home individually wrapped in plastic (I know a lot of people have had this happen to them). I might have to buy some eco-disposable bags just in case. All things that I just hadn’t considered.

Have any of you sent a cloth-bummed baby to nursery? What was your experience like? It’d be really nice to hear other stories so that I am well-armed for the future!!!


2 responses to “He’s leaving home… (for two days a week!)

  1. Piper's Run says:

    I actually just wrote a guest post for AMP Diapers on this:

    Basically, when we interviewed out sitter (her in-home day care), we brought the diapers and walked her through what we do. We occasionally have challenges with leaks here and there but I just send extra clothing and we communicate well on the diapers each day. She provides a note on when she had her diapers change, when they were soiled etc.

    Good luck!

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