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Nursery and Nappies

on April 13, 2012


When we first thought about the fact that we were going to have to send Monkey to nursery, the things that crossed our minds were the usual stuff. How much would it cost? Would we like the way in which the nursery did things? Would they help support us, considering that Monkey is still (and will continue to be) predominantly breastfed? How would our non-routine led baby settle into a nursery environment?

I have to be honest, I started getting into a little bit of a tizzy about it all. The choice of nursery wasn’t actually too difficult as I used to work in nursery education and I knew the options locally. For those of you who might be in a similar situation, it’s really a case of looking at what you do at home. Do you have a routine or are you more baby-led? If you’re more baby-led then a nursery that adopts a more child-centred, relaxed approach would probably suit you more than one that has strict timings and routines. I did look at one nursery that had me seething with anger as they expected Monkey to sleep at x time and eat at x time. I don’t have a set pattern as an adult, so how on earth could a baby? Madness! (in my opinion!)

The reason I was in a tizzy was more linked to the fact that Monkey still prefers napping on me, no matter what I do to try and persuade him that other options are ok. The nursery that I’ve found are absolutely lovely and he’ll be cuddled to sleep if necessary. I know some of you might be screaming, ‘rod for your own back’, but if that’s what he needs then it’s fine. I don’t know of any adults who need to be cuddled to sleep or require a Mummy to nap on, so I’m sure that Monkey will sort himself out in due course!

What has been interesting is how keen the nursery has been to support my decision in using cloth nappies. I rang around a few nurseries before I even properly started and some of them were very very reticent indeed, even suggesting that he should wear their disposables (that they kindly include within the fees) whilst he’s there. I didn’t bother ringing them back to make viewing appointments.

The thing that bugged me the most was that they weren’t even interested in discussing it, even though as a nursery they are meant to support the parent’s decisions. I know of a few cloth bum mums that have had these issues, or have had nurseries really not try very hard with cloth, sending them home in back-to-front nappies, or not putting them on properly and then complaining about leaks. Being the utter cynic that I can be (on a bad hair day), that does seem like a lack of effort and even an underhand way of making a less confident mum cave and allow their child to wear disposables at nursery…

However, there’s obviously a distinct lack of training when it comes to using cloth nappies in nurseries. Perhaps that should be included in one of the nursery nursing modules of study?

I’m looking forward to seeing how well Monkey and his lovely fluffy nappies get on at nursery. I’ve been sensible, choosing a stash of easy-to-use nappies for nursery (mainly Tots Bots Easyfits and Bum Genius V3’s and V4’s) as I think that sending the same kind of nappy will be less confusing!


3 responses to “Nursery and Nappies

  1. themummyadventure says:

    This is something I have been thinking about if we send the little dude to nursery, let me know how you get on!

  2. Zoe says:

    When’s he off to nursery? We start on Monday and have found a great place, very supportive.

  3. We had this issue when looking for a nursery for Wee Man. In the end, the nursery that we found (and that he still goes to now) were the only one which allowed reusables, and he was the only child using them so it was a bit of a learning curve for the nursery workers. Even though I provided them with a good supply of wetbags it took weeks for them to stop putting each nappy into a little plastic nappy bag before putting it in the wetbag – lots of pointless plastic bag waste as I had to rip them all off when I got home! We used Tots Bots easyfits too. I hope you and Monkey have a good experience 🙂

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