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Tis the dawning of RNW2012!

on April 16, 2012


The time has arrived! The week that all cloth mummies have been waiting for, eagerly flicking through a multitude of websites and drooling over their dream fluffy stash – hoping that Real Nappy Week will be the time where their dreams come true! That their fluffy favourites will be on offer! That they may even get to win one!

So, yes – YAY IT’S REAL NAPPY WEEK 2012!!!!!

Make sure you really have a good look around all the fluffy websites to see what deals they have and which giveaways/ competitions they’re running.

It’s really worth being a member of a cloth nappy group this week, such as ‘Cloth Bum Mums’ and ‘Green Fluffy Bottoms’ on Facebook, and the Cloth Nappy Group on Babycentre. You’ll find lots of information from others and it’s a lot of fun!

Check out Go Real to find out info on their giveaways, plus find out what’s happening near you!


Most importantly, keep checking this blog as I have TWO fluffy giveaways, courtesy of the lovely ladies at Nappy Go Lucky


and Baba + Boo!


Have a wonderful, fluffy, fun-filled week!


One response to “Tis the dawning of RNW2012!

  1. themummyadventure says:

    Looking forward to your giveaways! Happy RNW to you x

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