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Win a fantastic Baba+Boo nappy of your choice!

on April 17, 2012


Wooo-hoooo! YES! It’s time for my first giveaway of the week – isn’t that exciting? I mean, ok – I’m excited and I don’t even get the chance to enter! You lucky people – all these fab offers and giveaways that are running all over the place for Real Nappy Week 2012!

Ok – so… I’ve been very lucky that not just one, but two lovely companies have offered fluffy prizes this week. The first giveaway we have is from the fabulous Baba+Boo.


The lucky winner will get to choose a nappy from Baba+Boo’s wonderful selection, which is now even bigger since they launched their new nappies and other items yesterday!

Once the winner has been chosen, I’ll let Baba+Boo know that person’s email address and – hey presto – a nappy of your choice will be yours!


So, to enter, post an answer to the question that I’m about to pose on either the Blog, Facebook (daisytheclothbummum) or via Twitter (@daisyclothbum) and you will be placed in the draw to win a fab Baba+Boo nappy.

These are nappies that I absolutely love as I know that Monkey won’t out-wee them, because they’re so thirsty! They are generously sized (but fit little ones really well), which is great as I know that they’ll last him for a long time (he’s outgrowing many of his apparently BTP nappies already at 8 months – eeek!)

As you can answer the question via three online locations, that gives you three chances of winning! Not bad, eh! Of course, it’d be fantastic if you share the competition as well, so I suppose that you can get an extra entry if you share it, and then let me know! (just one extra entry, not three – I’d find that a nightmare to keep up with everyone!)

Remember to let me know via the FB page or add #daisybababoo to your Tweets, or I won’t be able to keep track of you all.

Before I post the question, the T&C are as follows:

The competition will close at 9pm on Thursday 19th April 2012.
The nappy will only be posted out to a UK address.
The winner will be decided by daisytheclothbummum and is final.
The winner will be notified, and announced, as soon as possible after the giveaway closes.
After the competition closes, I’ll pick out twenty entries that are (in my eyes) the most creative and they’ll go into the ‘hat’. Monkey will then pick out a winner and I’ll document this via photos for you!
The winner’s email address will be forwarded to Baba+Boo (I’ll contact via Twitter/FB or the Blog to get this information from the winner).
All contact for getting the nappy will be made between the winner and Baba+Boo
If the winner has any problems with the nappy he/she must contact Baba+Boo directly.

daisytheclothbummum gives her time freely to run this giveaway and is not being paid for running it.

Right, so now that’s all out of the way – here’s your thoughtful question!

If you could pick any nappy from the Baba+Boo range, which one would it be and why?
Be as original in your response as possible – Creativity is the key to catching my attention!

Have fun with your answers and good luck!!!



37 responses to “Win a fantastic Baba+Boo nappy of your choice!

  1. Rachel Chambers says:

    Hi, I would choose any of the rainbow ones as my boy is called Joseph and I’m trying to create a technicoloured nappy stash for him :0)

  2. Karen Pugsley says:

    I am a little buzzing “bee”, creating carnage for mummy buzz buzz weeeeeee….

  3. Shirley Kay says:

    it would be Sweet candy as my little girls is sweet as candy :O)

  4. kara says:

    I would choose the cow print nappy as he LOVES his milk!

  5. amy graham says:

    I would childrens the tinkle tinkle little star because my little girl tinkles for England and I love purple!!

  6. Kate Eccles says:

    Would love to try a baba and boo nappy. I would choose blue bubbles as Izzie’s new trick is to blow big bubbly raspberries in the middle of the night keeping us all awake 🙂

  7. melony robertson says:

    I think it would have to be the ladybird spots nappy, each and every one of my 5 girls have been and still are facinated with Animals, but most of all the ladybird, we often go searching for ladybirds in the woods behind my mum’s house and whenever we are in town and visiting the castle grounds we spend hours looking for them. Theres something quite magical and beautiful about such a little insect x

  8. Raluca Maria says:

    i would choose a green one for my little boy because i am mad after green, he has like 7 green nappies and green means green planet 🙂

  9. jen says:

    Buzzy bumble bee as its one of my babies fav gigglebellies tunes!

  10. Amber Logan-Rayne says:

    I would choose the bumbley bee for my busy body baby bee xxx

  11. Bev Hudson says:

    Hi, I would choose the cow because I call my daughter Liberty, Missy Moo.

  12. collette kempshaw says:

    i would choose the twinkle twinkle little star in purple for my rainbowbaby as it would remind me and be in memory of her big sister who is shining down on us, also i always sing twinkle twinkle little star to her in my tummy!! 4weeks to go until our arrival 🙂 xx

  13. chantelle hazelden says:

    I would choose the mummys little soldier in green so that she can fit in with daddy while he plays call of duty 🙂

  14. Amber Logan-Rayne says:

    I have shared on FB, and twitter too xx

  15. Chery Halliwell says:

    I would choose the mummy’s little soldier- pink ! I’ve had 2 boys since my girl and am now expecting a girl. Ok, so i miss some of the boy fluff 🙂 but I just adore the girly fluff 🙂 so this way I can have the best of both worlds :-p haha

  16. Zoe willows says:

    I would choose an animal print one, as our little bundle is on its way in a few weeks but we are not sure of the flavour but as we have nick named our bump ‘Boo bear’ I think it is very appropriate it’s first nappy will be a baba & boo! 😉

  17. jen says:

    Holy Cow they are lush!!!!! you’ve got to “Moo’ve it Moo’ve it”
    Can’t beat a good moo nappy – thats my choice :))

  18. Hello – I would choose Sweet Candy:

    My Baby Girl, so Sweet like Candy
    Skinny little legs, just like Bambi
    You look so cute wrapped up in fluff
    Being a cloth bum baby is defo not tough!

  19. Sam G says:

    I would go for Moo Power, and would dress my LO in cow legwarmers, cow headband, cow dress and cow shoes to match, she would look moo-velous!

  20. themummyadventure says:

    I would love to win the buzzy bee
    To soak up all my bubba’s wee
    The funky print is very bright
    He would stand out day or night,
    Looking bright out in the sun
    It would be oh so lovely if I won

  21. Stephanie Boulton says:

    I would choose Tinkle Tinkle Little Star – Purple because I don’t know what I am having.

    “Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
    How I wonder what you are.”

  22. Adele Hosie says:

    I would like thunder pants as there are frequently big rumbles from my little guys nappy 🙂
    Plus my favourite colour is grey so he would be coordinating with his mummy xx

  23. Sarah says:

    I would choose the giraffe print because my baby has such a long neck, only messing, she has a normal neck! But she can lift her head up and turn it all around, she stretches out her neck really far doing it. I love giraffe themed toys/clothes. we brought home a 3 and a half foot wooden giraffe from Uganda (as our hand lugagge!) my girls have all played with it so much (more than most of their toys!) So giraffes are “big” in our house 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      should have said dd3 is almost 4 weeks old (the turning her head thing wouldn’t be very impressive if she was 6 months old!)

  24. Andrea Hanvey says:

    I’d choose the tiger nappy as I think it would be a roaring success 🙂

  25. bluemumday says:

    It’d have to be a polka dot nappy for my daughter because I love it when she gets spotted wearing cloth! 😉

  26. bluemumday says:

    It’d have to be a polka dot nappy for my daughter because I love it when she gets spotted in cloth! 😉

  27. I’d love the orange one for my little skinny pumpkin. 🙂


  28. Have shared on fb and tweeted (@Nevrandil) 🙂

  29. Katie says:

    I’d choose the white and black polka dot as my daughter is completely ‘dotty’ and has me in stitches all day 🙂

  30. Michelle Green says:

    I would chose the leopard print one as I just learned that the actor who is playing the lead role in the new aliens film (promethius) is called Logan Marshall Green and seeing as though my son is called Logan Jay Green he would be able to rock the leopard print one with some rainbow baby legs and a ACDC tshirt to look like a funny little alien 🙂

  31. Penny heseltine says:

    I would put my little cow bag in a moo moo baba n boo (I dont mean that for one minute btw 😉 I love her to bits ) and I would love it to match her huggalug leg warmers. Sometimes what passes into her nappies are the size of cow pats hahahaha

  32. Joanne Thorburn says:

    I would choose mummys little soldier in pink. My husband calls our 5 month old daughter “mummy’s little leuitenant”, and already we can imagine her doing her duty and reporting back to me about the mischief her big sisters are making. 🙂

  33. Cadence Knights says:

    I nearly missed this as every time I’ve gone to enter I’ve not been able to choose, tiger, giraffe, leopord, bee, zebra they’re all fab soooooo npw the clocks ticking I’m going to go for
    Bee – as it’s like a great big warning sign and with weaning and teething it’s needed. I could also say that the little one also likes my plants (but he would rather eat them if he could get near enough, than collect pollen)

  34. I would chose the Blue Bubbles one as my husband is always singing the West Ham forever blowing bubbles song to my daughter and bump.

  35. annemarie thornton says:

    I havent tried baba and boo yet only just started out over the last 2 weeks so really need some good nappies for my stash xxx

  36. Helen shingler says:

    Cow print for my boobie monster

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