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Waving a fond farewell – the end of RNW 2012

on April 22, 2012


Well…sniff….it’s here…

The final afternoon of Real Nappy Week 2012.

It’s been, emotional! It’s been, exciting! It’s been, well – quite frankly – probably a little expensive for some of you (BUT THINK OF WHAT YOU SAVED!!!)

Hopefully you managed to get out to a Real Nappy Event or two, and hopefully some of you might have either converted a friend over to the fluffy side or joined the lovely world of cloth nappies yourself!

If you’re new to them – WELCOME! Welcome to lots of fluffy fun, talking about nappies. Yes – something that you probably NEVER EVER in a million years thought that you’d be doing. Who’d have thought that nappies were so wonderful? So utterly cute!

I for one didn’t! This time last year, I was quite seriously researching cloth nappies, but actually (if I’m brutally honest) wasn’t 100% certain that I’d be using them properly (as I believed that they might, possibly be hard work).

But they’re not (YAY) and I love them! So, I hope that a few of you are going to be the same and be seasoned pros this time next year, passing on the fluffy love to some naive newbies!

So – yes – don’t forget that the Nappy Go Lucky competition is still running and closes at 9pm tonight! You could be in the draw to win a free bumGenius FREETIME!

The draw won’t be taking place until (probably) Monday or Tuesday evening, though, as Monkey (my little winner picker) will be in bed when it closes and then he’s at nursery all day on both days, so I think that it’ll be rather tricky to get it all done before then.

You’ll just have to be kept waiting in suspense, won’t you! For one lucky winner – it’ll be worth it!!!!

Best of luck to you all and Happy Real Nappy Week x




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