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To hold, or not to hold. That is the question…

on April 24, 2012

It’s been suggested to me, by the nursery that Monkey is going to be going to, that he should bring in something from home that can act as a comforter/ familiar object. That’s a great idea, in principle, as it’ll have smells from home and will be something that he recognises.

But, I have a little problem with this. Apart from his Jumperoo, he’s not really attached to anything yet – and that wouldn’t really pack down very well! He doesn’t have a toy that he makes a beeline for, no dummy that he sucks on madly and no muslin/ comforter that he clings onto.

I actually think that’s a good thing. He obviously is happy enough and it’s much better for us as we don’t have the issue of having to remember ‘Bear’ or a bit of rag that he’d suck on. I’m fairly pleased about that. As a child I never had just one toy or object that I took around with me, although my little brother did. I remember the absolute nightmare that we had once when we were on a plane and he suddenly realised that he didn’t have his bear with him. It was like his little world had ended. I can’t remember whether we had it in our hold luggage or whether we had to manage on holiday without it, but his anguish at not having it on the plane was awful.

So, I’m slightly torn about what to do. There is one little blue rabbit comforter/puppet that he seems to play with a little more. I’ve been sensible and found two more that are winging their way to me, thanks to Boobox. I searched everywhere online for this rabbit and they were the only people that had any in stock, thank god. But – do I put a lot of emphasis on his rabbit? Do I try to encourage him to have it more? Ugh – I don’t know!

Answers on a postcard please…


One response to “To hold, or not to hold. That is the question…

  1. helbells1977 says:

    Hard question really!
    Dylan has toys of the week! This week it is pepper pig! Last week it was a cream cow called Mooey!!

    Must admit I had my ‘blankie’ as a child but it was a piece of fluffy fabric that mum kept loads off so it was never lost, just replaced. In the end and my the time I didn’t need it any more there was a v small square!

    I try to give Dylan a teddy bear comforter when he’s napping (or when we are attempting to get him to nap!) and we have two of them. He isn’t that bothered by them though!!

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