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Announcing the winner of the bumGenius Freetime!

on April 25, 2012


Things are sometimes sent to test us, aren’t they!!!

We got home and got ready to do our prize draw that has been kindly donated by Nappy Go Lucky Master Monkey was getting all excitable, flapping his arms around like a windmill.

I got ready, poised with the iPad to take snaps to upload for you all, to document the occasion…

Then he started howling, threw himself back on the rug and got himself incredibly, heart-wrenchingly upset. Bless him! Obviously he DIDN’T want to be a prize picker.

I put the iPad down and went to get him and… I found squidged up in his damp little hand – a winner!!!

I’d be so busy being a worried, ahhhhh I’ll hug you, kind of Mummy that I hadn’t noticed he’d picked someone! (I’m not completely certain he noticed either in all the kerfuffle!!!)

Anywaaaaay! We have a winner!!!!

The lucky lady is KATIE HOLDSWORTH!

Well done! I’ll be contacting you with more info soon!

Thank you yet again to everyone who entered the giveaways – and thank you to everyone who follows the blog. It means a lot that people are still following! Makes me smile!!! Xx



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