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Easy does it! Brother Max review.

on May 2, 2012


When you have a little one, there are certain items that just – make sense. I’ve bought a whole range of things over the past 8 months or so (and some before he was born) that, quite frankly, have been a complete and utter waste of money. He HATED being swaddled after a while, wasn’t particularly impressed with one range of bottles that we tried out and really made one hell of a fuss (in an ezcema-related way) to various baby products.

So when it came to weaning, I was a little hesitant about buying things as I didn’t want to get stuff that just didn’t work for him or me. I came across the Brother Max Easy-Hold bowls pretty early on and I’m just so glad I got them, as they’re brilliant. I find them incredibly easy to hold, they have a little dent in them that makes loading up a spoon a doddle (no chasing around food in these babies!) and they have a suction cup that actually works! Monkey finds it almost impossible to get this one off and wave it around, victoriously, over his head – unlike some of the others that we have.

They also have lots of items in the range that make the bowls work in different ways. I got hold of their travel system, which has a little dividing section that sits inside the main bowl and a lid that holds two spoons. Simple but ingenious and has been pretty much everywhere with us. It doesn’t leak, has been thrown around all over the place and is utterly brilliant.

So – when I saw that Brother Max were launching some new products I kind of, um, pestered them in a very nice I LOVE YOUR STUFF kind of way to let me do a review of them! And those lovely people let me!

They sent me over one of their new Easy-Hold 2-in-1 snack pot bowls. This is such a sensible addition to their range and I’m really impressed with it. Quite simply, it’s an Easy-Hold bowl with a special, flexible, spill-proof lid that enables you to put snack items inside and stops them falling out all over the place when your little cutie waves the bowl around, or throws it across the floor in a little rage.

It works with the other items in the Easy-Hold range so you can take off the lid and use it as a bowl, put in the insert from the travel set or plonk it down onto the suction cup, which is great if you already have some of the Brother Max things!

Monkey is a little young at the moment for using this on his own and I’ve found that it’s just very handy for me as I can carry snacks around for him and I’m not faffing around with getting lids off things (and then having to put them back on again) whenever he wants something to eat. I’ve even clipped it onto the pram with a climbing caribiner clip, which has worked really well! I let Monkey have a play with it and it got generally waved around all over the place, babbled at, chewed and then thrown across the kitchen floor. Good news is that none of the contents spilled out, so it does it’s job perfectly! In time he’ll get the idea that you can put your hand inside it, but that kind of freaked him out when I tried to show him so I think that will be a wondrous discovery that he makes one day. Then I’m sure he’ll show me on countless occasions just how easy it is to use!

Daisytheclothbummum was not paid for this review and gave my time freely to do so. An Easy-Hold 2-in-1 snack pot was sent to me for review but all thoughts and opinions stated here are my own.


One response to “Easy does it! Brother Max review.

  1. helbells1977 says:

    I so need these!!! Dylan grabs bowls and food goes flying all the time!!!!

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