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Broodiness strikes!

on May 7, 2012

As Monkey is getting a little older, I have to admit that I’ve started looking at teeny little newborns and feeling rather broody. I know he’s only 8 months old but, awww, aren’t teeny ones cute! I’m not ready for another one yet and have no immediate plans, but I do admit to missing those little, newborn baby cuddles and snuffly noises. My friends have recently had a gorgeous little baby girl and it was just so wonderful to give her a little, gentle squeeze. She’s beautiful and snuggled into my neck perfectly! Awww!

When I bought my fluffy nappies at the start, I didn’t know if Monkey was going to be a little boy or girl so I tried my best to stick to nappies that could be used for either. Those ones are neatly packed away in our wardrobe/ loft, ready to be taken out again in the future. Every now and then I can’t resist having a look at them and it always amazes me that my big, handsome little man used to fit into them mere months ago.

But, as I was sorting out his nappies earlier on, I had a dawning realisation that his nappies really are mainly boy colours. I don’t possess any ‘pretty’ nappies at all, really, apart from one lilac Itti and two cherryicious Easyfits that I adore.

I know that they go under clothes, but if I have a little girl in the future then she’ll be wearing dresses and they’ll be seen more. If that happens, then I might have to swap or sell some to get slightly prettier fluff.

Then there’s the gorgeous, but slippery slope, of rufflebums and tutu nappies (I’ve blogged about these before). I keep looking at them, debating if I’d have them or not. They’re so pretty but I’m not sure. I think I’d stick to pretty printed ones that are similar to what I mainly use now (Itti Bitti’s, Tots Bots and Bum Genius mainly).

Having another boy would be so much cheaper! Have any of you had this? Thought that you had all your stash ready only to find that it wasn’t really what you wanted/needed?
Do you actually NEED girly nappies or would the boy ones you have do? It’s so so tempting, isn’t it!


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