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Belated Weekend Catchup! Nappies and the warmer weather.

on May 13, 2012

As this weekend draws to a close, I thought that I really must jump on the blog! I hope that you’ve all had a lovely weekend – we’ve been very lucky in that the weather has been gorgeous over the past few days and we’ve had a lovely trip out the zoo today. Monkey loved it and chatted quite happily all the way around, showing a particular fascination for the sea lions. Well – I think it was for them, but it could have been the way that the sun was dancing off the water! Who knows!

But with the warmer weather, I’m starting to encounter a little issue that I hadn’t really anticipated. You see – Monkey was born during summer and it was pretty hot here last year. We’ve used cloth nappies from birth and didn’t have any real issues with the smell, so I kind of thought that we wouldn’t be encountering any now.

Ooooh – I was so wrong! Now that Monkey is on more and more solids, I’ve noticed a vast difference in the pongs that we are getting – especially on warmer days. In the past I wouldn’t have noticed a thing but I really have to make sure that I wash every 2 days in order to not get nasty niffs floating around my house. It used to be every 2/3, but now that his poo is more like the real, human stuff and not just inoffensive stuff that was reminiscent of peanut butter, I really can’t let it go to 3 days.

I’m also finding that I’m reaching more for different nappies, in order to accomodate for the change in climate. He seems to be the most comfy in low rise nappies during the day, but will tolerate more bulky nappies at night. I’d got into the habit of using a more bulky nappy in the morning but he’s having none of it! When I try to put one of those on him I tend to get a bit of a wriggly, upset baby.

How are your little ones adjusting to the change in temperature? I know some friends are finding that their little ones really don’t seem to like it and are thoroughly grumpy!


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