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Time Flies… being efficient where possible!

on May 27, 2012


I must start this blog post with an apology! I haven’t posted for a little while and it’s very remiss of me. What with working, taking Monkey here, there and everywhere and the heat (goodness me, the HEAT!) I just don’t seem to have as much time on my hands. Let’s face it though, how many mums that have finished maternity leave do?

So, after realising just how rubbish I’ve been lately, I thought that it would actually make a rather perfect topic for a blog post. How could I possibly help myself to maximise my time? Apart from wearing my clothes in the shower to wash them and cooking in my sleep, I need to come up with solutions that will help me!

So I’ve started to think through the things that take up my time. I know that a lot of people will think that the cloth nappies take up time, but that’s just not true. I’m in such a good routine with them that they’re no real effort at all. The one thing that I have noticed, however, is that they’re a little more smelly inside the wetbags due to weaning poo (lovely…) and the heat, so I’m having to wash every two days, rather than being able to stretch it to every three. Not exactly a massive problem!

In this heat, however, my usual approach to making life easier for myself – batch cooking – isn’t proving to be too useful. It’s just not applicable to many meals that I would usually cook for us (spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie, etc.) as we just don’t seem to want them in this heat. I’ve started to look through recipe books to find ideas that I could use and also trying to persuade the hubby that the green leafy goodness that is salad is not actually the devil in disguise. He’s yet to be convinced! I find it rather amusing that I have a baby who will pretty much eat anything but a husband who turns his nose up at anything vaguely, remotely non-meat based.

I’ve found that since starting work, the main thing is to be ultra-organised. Making sure that I have everything in the car the night before, including the bag with my pump and bottles in, is a great idea. Then when I have to get up early, sort out Monkey and bundle him into the car for nursery, it’s less of a stress.

I think I’ll invest in some of those flat mop things. You know… the ones with the bobbly bits on them? Add on some elastic and you have a fantastic and quick way of keeping the floor clean.

Mop-skating! I think I might have to approach Dragon’s Den with that concept!

OH! Before I forget! I have a rather lovely Gumigem bangle that I think I might just have to giveaway! Keep your eyes peeled over the next week!


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