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Thank **** for fitteds!

on June 9, 2012


Now, in the past I’ve written about all different kinds of nappies – what I’ve found good, or not so good about them. Over the past few months my staple, go-to nappy has been the pockets (such as my bumGenius, Baba+Boo and the like), my itti bitti d’lish nappies and my Tots Bots Easyfits. They have been remarkably easy to use and I’ve never had any problems with them.

Until this past week. Monkey has pretty much managed to outpoo almost every single type of nappy we own, which has resulted in some pretty horrendous explosions that have coated his highchair, his Jumperoo (ugh), his pram (really ugh) and to top it all off, his car seat (that one was particularly foul).

I was really, seriously, starting to lose the fluffy love. So much so that I couldn’t post on here as I didn’t want to sound negative. It wasn’t nice. At all. However, when we switched to disposables for a couple of days (it was all getting a bit much for us), it was actually 100% WORSE. Those flimsy things couldn’t hold anything in, so instead of just getting leg leaks, we were getting full-on, up the back, into his hair poosplosions. BLERGH.

I moaned on my cloth nappy online group about the fact that I was feeling down. Then someone lovely mentioned to me, why don’t you use fitteds?

DOH! How silly of me! I’d utterly forgotten that I had a whole stash of size 2 Little Lamb nappies stored under the bed, that I’d just not got round to using due to the fact that our pockets were working so well. I’d actually forgotten about them because I’d decided that fitteds were unnecessary to use anymore (we loved them for those early breastfed poo stages). I was so, so wrong.

Fitteds have, quite frankly, save mine and Cloth’s relationship! They are marvellous and have held in torrents and torrents of horrendous stuff. We’re not sure if Monkey is teething (probably), not very well (think there’s a bit of that too) or had a reaction to some fish (that’s pretty likely as well) but, oh dear god, what I really want to say is…



2 responses to “Thank **** for fitteds!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Can you tell me what the nappy / wrap is in the picture? The one with the ears.
    It’s so adorable, my little one NEEDS it 🙂

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