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Mealtimes with Monkey!

on June 13, 2012

Since our little Monkey has been eating solids, I’ve made a discovery that actually quite surprised me. I know this is going to sound rather silly, but I really didn’t realise just how much more food I’d be buying and how much my food bill would go up by!

I think the main reason that our food bill has escalated is that we’re buying an awful lot more fresh fruit – and, my goodness, they’ve really gone and got expensive recently! My Monkey can devour a banana in mere seconds, so we’re getting through a fair few.

Even though he’s eating mostly a toned down version of our meals, it’s still incredible how much it all adds up. I obviously was rather naive – but I do think that food bills have increased so much anyway over the past few months.

What has been rather interesting is just how much he loves food with lots of flavour. I know, I know – that sounds rather silly – but bear with me. If you think about those, ahem, lovely jars of food that they sell in the shops that are pretty much ALL THE SAME COLOUR (how come that happens?), they really are rather boring and bland. The notion is that babies like plainer foods and progress onto more complex flavours as they grow.

I’ve really not found that to be the case at all. Perhaps it’s because Monkey is breastfed and, therefore, gets different flavours coming through in my milk. He absolutely loves anything that has garlic in it, adores spices and relishes flavour. If I give him the more bland options, he generally (apart from his porridge in the morning) turns up his nose at them.

So, I’ve started experimenting more and more. He will polish off a baby-version Thai green curry quite quickly and really loves one of our favourite meals, Chicken Zorba (chicken marinated in various herbs with pitta). It’s so nice to watch him polish off homemade meals with gusto and, I have to admit, I get a kick out of the fact that I made it – rather than just grabbing a pouch/jar.

Don’t get me wrong – I use pouches whenever we’re out and about, if I can’t be bothered to pack up a full lunch/tea from home. They’re great and really come in useful, but oh my goodness – they’re expensive. You’d have to be loaded to just feed your baby using those and they’ll be missing out on so much goodness that you get from a home-cooked meal.

Plus, I think it’s good that Monkey has to wait for his tea. There’s not often an instant meal out of a packet, unless I’ve really just had one of those days or am feeling rather ill! He sits in his highchair and watches me – we sing, we laugh and we talk (kind of!) but it’s a great interaction time and one that will, hopefully, carry through to when he’s older. That could then become the time where we talk about our days/ get some homework done.

Anyway – I’m planning on putting up some recipe ideas on here – things that I’ve made that he seems to enjoy. With having a lactose and cow’s milk protein intolerant baby, it’s been far easier to make my own things as I know precisely what’s gone into them! Hopefully they may be of some use to someone, but equally hopefully – some of you lovely people may put up your own ideas so that I don’t end up cooking the same things in a lovely, repetitive fashion!

Speaking of which – it’s teatime…. Ooooh – what are we having tonight? Eggy bread with banana sugar-free muffins and fruit salad. YUM!!!



One response to “Mealtimes with Monkey!

  1. bubbablue says:

    According to the theory behind baby led weaning, babies actually like strong flavours (well, stronger than we’d think, rather than adult strong), and I’ve found that even from early on, N will eat fajitas, thai curry, and at nursery they quite often have chilli, mexican mince, curry etc. Maybe the jar baby food companies need to take note (I think the more premium versions seem to be a bit more flavoursome from what friends have said)

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