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Dairy free cooking

on June 21, 2012

Now – in no way, shape or form am I a brilliant cook. I’m really not! I can get by, I like making things from scratch but I’m not that marvellous – not in comparison to some of my friends who whip up the most astounding meals with apparent ease and flair.

I made a decision, when Monkey was born, that I’d try and ensure that he got fresh, decent food at all times. I was never, NEVER going to open up a packet, I was going to do everything perfectly and I was going to be Supermum. Ok, so I’ve used a few pouches here and there (when we’ve been away from home or travelling or out and about), but I’m pretty pleased that I’ve stuck mostly to my guns.

Saying that, I haven’t really had that much of a choice. As Monkey is lactose intolerant, I’ve found that so many pre-prepared baby foods have milk powder/ whey powder/ just plain normal milk added to them, that it’s much safer for me to make my own food anyway.
Plum baby porridges have been my lifesavers as they’re dairy free and Monkey absolutely loves them, which makes life a little easier in the morning!

So, what I thought I’d do is share on here, gradually, over time, some of the things that I’ve made for Monkey. They’re not going to be gourmet meals, but they might come in handy for some other mum of a lactose and cow’s milk protein (CMP) intolerant baby who’s in the position that I was in a few months ago. I hope so. If not, then it’s going to be an excellent way for me to record things for posterity. Hopefully if we have another baby, that little mite won’t have the same allergies and intolerances as Monkey, but at least I’ll be a little more prepared.

Tonight I made a really nice sauce that you could add to any meat (we used chicken).

I cooked some red lentils according to the packet instructions.
Whilst they were boiling, I chopped up one onion and one green pepper and fried them in a teeny weeny bit of vegetable oil, along with some mixed herbs.
Then, after draining the lentils, I put all the ingredients into a pan, added some tomatoes and simmered it all until the tomatoes had become a lovely, squelchy mess.
I then added some coconut cream.

That’s it! Monkey had it with cooked chicken and couscous, and he wolfed it down!

I’ve portioned it off into large cubes and frozen it, so that I have it on hand at any time. I reckon it’d probably go quite well with pasta too so I’m really quite pleased with the results!

So, yes, as I find things that work and that Monkey likes, I’ll add them on here. Please feel free to chip in and add your own – I’d love to expand my repertoire of dairy-free ideas!!!


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