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Mmmmm chocolate!

on June 24, 2012


Happy Sunday, everyone! I just thought that I’d whip on the blog and do a little post as I am in a very happy, buzzy mood.

Why, Daisy? I hear you say, leaning forwards in your chair/ stopping dead in your tracks – obviously eager to find out the cause of my most excellent state of mind.

Have I won the lottery? Sadly, no – that would involve participating, and I just keep forgetting to do so.

Have I found a pot of gold in my garden? Wouldn’t that be lovely, but alas, luck hasn’t shone down on me in that manner.

Has Monkey magically started sleeping through the night? Hmmmm. Let’s avoid that topic if I wish to stay in my happy place!

So – what could it be?

Well, it’s something that may sound remarkably normal and not really that exciting, but to me it’s a miracle.


I have found a way to make a really delicious HOT CHOCOLATE! One that won’t make me sick as a dog or screw my face up in disgust at some horrible milk subsitute!

You see, Monkey isn’t the only lactose/ CMP intolerant person in our house. I haven’t been able to have milk/cream for years (especially if it’s heated up) as it sends me running to the loo to be violently sick within mere minutes of ingesting it. There has been many an occasion where I’ve had some very lovely food and then realised, all too late, that I really really shouldn’t have gone there.

It’s such a pain – especially as when I was younger, it never affected me at all. I probably shouldn’t really have cheese either, as that can affect me. But I’m such a cheese monster that I choose to ignore the bloating and painful stomach that I get, which isn’t probably the best idea.

Anyway – so – yes. Ooooh I really hate all the milk substitutes that I’ve tried over the years. They are, to my mind, pretty disgusting. I really can’t stand them so I just stopped having anything vaguely milky. But today I came across some coconut drinking milk and cream that has pretty much changed my life.

I know that sounds dramatic, but it really has!

I’ve had a creamy, milky smoothie today, which was some of the coconut milk whizzed up with a handful of berries. It was delicious and really refreshing!

And, just now, I’ve had a lovely mug of hot chocolate, which was yummy! I used the coconut milk, plus some coconut cream and combined them with some melted, dairy-free dark chocolate (some dark chocolate isn’t dairy free, so you do have to be careful). It was delicious and I’m one very happy lady!

I’m now sat, surrounded by cookery books, looking at creamy recipes that I can adjust. I use coconut milk all the time in my cookery, but this milk tastes just that little bit better than the stuff that I usually buy and now I’m quite excited at what I could make with it!


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