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Return of the Weekend Catch-Up!

on July 14, 2012


Well, I’m sat here at my computer, kind of wondering where to begin. You see – I have so much to write about and so much to say that I’m almost at a standstill. What do I put first?

I suppose THE thing that most of you want to know about is my fantastic gNappy giveaway! It closed yesterday at 5pm and I have to say a very big thank you to all your lovely people who took part in it. Mr Monkey Clothbum will be having fun waving bits of paper around soon as he does the draw, so keep an eye on the blog and you’ll find out who the two lucky winners are.

Best of luck to you all!

Next, is an apology! When I first started this blog I was on maternity leave. I think that part of me missed my job (I’m a teacher) and I used the blog as a way to get information out there and as a fantastic way of communicating with people. It turned from a small little blog designed for a few friends who were interested in using cloth nappies into one that lots of people have subscribed to! I’d never really thought about it becoming bigger than a few people, so that really surprised me! I have to say that I’m always amazed and very touched when people email me with either comments or questions – and I try my best to help out where I can.

So, I went back to work in April and I wasn’t 100% prepared for just how shattered I’d be at night! Blogging went slightly on the back burner and for that, I apologise. However, I have spared you the joys of reading the ramblings of a mad woman – so for that I reckon you should all be eternally grateful!

Being back at work has been challenging but very rewarding. It’s been lovely being back in the classroom and Monkey thoroughly enjoys his nursery, which is great. He often claps with excitement when we walk up to the nursery door in the mornings and is always incredibly excited to see his key worker, bless him! Nursery has provided him with lots of social interaction and it’s so funny to watch him copying his peers. The latest thing that he’s attempting is blowing kisses – something that is, apparently rather difficult. The trick is to avoid hitting yourself in the face when you come back in for another kiss!!!

I have a few product reviews waiting in the pipeline to go onto the blog, which you’ll be seeing pop up in the next week or so. Due to this wonderful Summer weather that we’re not having, I’ve had a few fantastic sinus and chest infections, so that’s also made me slower with getting things on here for you. What IS it with this weather at the moment? I actually nearly put the heating on yesterday – which is mental considering that it’s mid July!

Anyway – so, yes – it’s now the Summer holidays and I promise that I’ll try to be a better blogger! We’ve got an immensely busy Summer ahead of us, with Monkey having his first birthday – so it’s going to be lots of fun! Hope you’re all making the most of your weekend, even if it is drizzling with rain like it is here.

I was contemplating going to the zoo today…hmmmm….


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