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The yoomi warming pod and feeding system

on July 18, 2012


For those of you who regularly read the blog, you’ll know that I’m a now an exclusive breastfeeding mum. Breastfeeding is something that I’m so pleased that we’ve got down to a fine art, after a rather rocky start (with some combi-feeding) – and something that I’m immensely proud of!

But, even though I adore feeding our little man, there is always a time where it’s useful (in my eyes) to be able to feed some milk (expressed, in our case) from a bottle. Great example being when I was full of a cold and had an horrendous sickness bug as well – being able to give Monkey some previously expressed milk was very handy, as my milk supply always seems to dwindle a bit when I’m not well. Monkey isn’t a big fan of bottles, if I’m honest (he’s getting picky in his old age) but he settled down to drinking from this one quite well (after a little fuss!)

Previously, I’ve blogged about the yoomi feeding system here . This is a system that is quite different to any other on the market, in that there is a rechargeable warmer that slots into the top of the bottle, under the teat. This is a great idea as it can gently warm feeds up to the natural temperature of breast milk in under 60 seconds. Obviously, you should always make your feeds up correctly, but this system comes into its own (in my opinion) when you’re using expressed breast milk or the pre-mixed milk that you can get in cartons, if you choose to formula feed.


yoomi bottles have a nice, wide-necked anti-colic teat that are very breast-like in appearance, which is why I think Monkey has objected far less to these bottles than he has to others! The teats has six anti-colic vents, which is fantastic – and I only wish that I’d come across these earlier when we were combi-feeding him in the early months as he suffered really quite badly with colic. There’s nothing quite like those awful, heart-wrenching screams that a little newbie makes when they’re suffering from colic and it’s very difficult when there’s not that much that you can do to make it better.

Giving a feed from a yoomi bottle is a real breeze. You just firmly press the orange button of the yoomi warmer through the teat and once the warmer is active and heating up, you turn the bottle upside down so that the milk runs over the warmer and into the teat. After 30 seconds it’s ready to be used and the milk will be warmed to a temperature akin to breastmilk, which is perfect for us. The warmer keeps warm for an hour, which is very handy if your baby takes feeds slowly or just wants a bit at a time!

The yoomi warmer is the thing that really makes this system something quite different and rather useful. You can pre-charge warmers up and then have them at the ready, which is really helpful for warming milk in the middle of the night, or for when you’re out and about. It’s also a very handy little case for your pods!

When I did my last review, there were two ways that you could recharge the pod. You could either put it in an electric steam steriliser for 25 continuous minutes (with four times the amount of water that the steriliser normally needs) or put it on it’s side in a pan of continuously boiling water for 25 mins. It’s has the same stuff in it that hand gel warmers have, so it needs to be recharged between uses. Once it’s charged up, you have to leave it for 75 minutes to rest and cool down. If you use it before that time is up, you can permanently damage it.

Even though I really didn’t find doing all that much of a faff, I did think that the time it took to recharge the pods was something that could be off-putting to some people. What I didn’t know is that the clever, clever folks at yoomi were working hard to come up with a solution! The yoomi charging pod!


This little pod takes away all the time and potential hassle of charging up the pods and really does make the whole system a breeze to use. You can charge up a pod in 2 minutes, or less, depending on the wattage of your microwave. Pods need to cool down after they are charged (this takes about 75 mins at room temperature, or 20 mins in cool water) but you could easily just leave them when you’re doing other things around the house. Once they’re charged, they stay charged – so you can pop one beside the bed for the night feed, pop one into your changing bag for when you go out or just have them at the ready around the house!

The yoomi pod , in my eyes, has turned a very clever system into an immensely clever and sensible feeding system. It takes away the time element that recharging the pods took and I really love how easy it is to use. Although we don’t use bottles that often, the yoomi makes it so much simpler for my husband (or myself) to give Monkey a feed at a temperature that he’s used to.

Daisytheclothbummum was not paid for this review and gave my time freely to do so. A yoomi feeding system was sent to me for review but all thoughts and opinions stated here are my own.


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