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A cloth bum mum blogging about disposables? In a good way? Really!

on July 24, 2012


Now, before you all start to gang up in mobs with pitchforks, screaming at me – saying

HOW DARE YOU….How dare you write about non-cloth nappies…

I need to let you know a thing or two!

Firstly, don’t worry. Don’t fret. My cloth nappies are still very much in the house and, no, I’m not converting to the dark side – I promise. In fact, I’m having serious cloth withdrawal at the moment and I cannot stress enough how much I want to be using them again!

But…and it’s a big BUT. There are a few times in life where cloth nappies just really aren’t practical or applicable, at all. And we’ve found ourselves smack bang in the middle of one.

This is also the reason why I’ve been rather rubbish at blogging over the past few weeks, for which I apologise. There just haven’t been enough hours in the day and I don’t have a magic remote for freezing time! God – wouldn’t that be fab – those would make me a FORTUNE!

Anyway – back to my post before I go off on a flight of fantasy about how fab magic remotes are. Oooh – you could even customise them and make them sparkly and … and….and…

Soooo. Yes. We’ve found ourselves in a situation where cloth nappies just aren’t an option for a week or so. Our little Master Clothbum has had an operation which has left him with a catheter. In this case we have to do something called ‘double-nappying’

This effectively means that he has to have one nappy that has a hole cut out in the middle (with micropore-type tape around it to seal off the edges) which a catheter can stick through. Then a second nappy goes over the top. This just helps to keep everything as dry as possible so that he can heal. It’s only for a short period of time, but it’s made me very aware of a few things:-

I would NEVER cut a hole in a normal disposable nappy. Those horrendous crystals that come out are full of nasty chemicals which I don’t want to risk getting ANYWHERE near my baby’s skin.
Also, they swell up massively when full of urine, which is a worry when there’s an open-ended catheter there. NO thank you! Even though the nurse specialists tried to reassure me that it would be absolutely fine, I just wasn’t buying it. They are sealed for a reason. They can cause chemical burns on skin. Yuck!

That I would never double-nappy with normal disposables. There are studies indicating that they keep the temperature around the testicles too high, which could be one of the factors contributing to the increase in male infertility. This isn’t proven, yet, but why would I risk that? One nappy would be bad enough, but to layer two on him just isn’t an option I’d consider.

That even though we’re using the most natural disposables that we can, nappy rash is creeping in. I’ve never really seen it before and I don’t want to again. My lovely, breathable cloth nappies are just so much better for his skin!

That the nurses at the hospital, brilliant as they are, don’t really have much of a clue when it comes to other nappies that can be used. They didn’t once mention alternatives such as Naty Naturecare nappies (that are a corn-based filling), Moltex nappies or cloth nappies that can be used for the top nappy. I had to show the nurse what I was talking about – and she looked utterly confused.

That it’s just astounding how much waste disposable nappy users create. I know that I’ve blogged about this before, but what I’ve said has been based more on facts/figures that my own personal experience, as I really don’t have much. We do use a disposable at night (at times) but we hardly have anything to throw away at the end of a week. I’ve been horrified at just how much waste we’ve created in just five days. It’s awful to think how much it’d be over a whole birth-to-potty period. I know we’re using double the amount of nappies for this short period, but that’s the equivalent of two week’s worth of waste. It’s quite shocking.

This whole experience has really cemented my belief that cloth nappies are the way forward. Well, that cloth nappies should have never been taken over by disposables in the way that they have. Yes, they’re very useful things for when you’re on holiday, but cloth is so easy to use, so economical and so SO much better for the environment that it saddens me that more people don’t use them.

However. And this is a really important however. Cloth, in this situation, just wouldn’t work for the inner nappy. It’s providing a function like a bandage – protecting him. So, for that reason I’m very grateful that some sensible companies have created good, more natural, alternatives that I’ve been able to buy quite easily from local shops.

Roll on us being back in cloth properly! Our bins, bin men and our finances will be SO much happier!


2 responses to “A cloth bum mum blogging about disposables? In a good way? Really!

  1. twigletmac says:

    We’ve always preferred Naty nappies when we’ve had to use disposables – much less smelly than others and without the chemical gunk. Hope your little lad’s made a good recovery and hasn’t been too uncomfortable.

    • They’re great, aren’t they!!! Little man is doing so much better – thank you so much for asking. He’s almost healed and seems a lot more comfortable, which is wonderful! The great news is that we’re back in cloth! Xxx

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