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Whoopsy Daisy! Bad mum or just a normal mum?

on August 9, 2012


Oh dear. When I was pregnant, I had all these ideas that I was (or wasn’t) going to do with my baby. Some of them I still believe in very strongly, such as babywearing (not so easy, though, when you have a bad back and a baby the size of a small elephant!), cloth nappying (the most sensible thing that I’ve ever done) and baby signing (I’m not as good at this as I wanted to be, but he does know some signs)

However, there are always going to be things that go a bit pear-shaped. I think pretty much every mum sets herself goals that actually turn out to be unattainable. Or, maybe not unattainable but just not particularly practical. I was never, ever in a million years going to feed my baby any premade baby food. Ever. Why would I possibly put that into my darling little child? Everything was going to be homemade, organic wonderfulness that would be just perfect for my little sweetie.

Ahem. Oh well. I actually do make most of the food that my little man has. But we have used some pouches and premade meals (now that he’s a bit bigger). They’re very handy and excellent if you’re out and about, although we’re now taking sandwiches out more and more as little man loves them. When I do use pouches, I always go for the slightly more expensive, more natural options such as Ella’s Kitchen or Plum, as they have a better range for lactose intolerant babies. So, oopsy – one of my NEVER EVER’s out of the window.

Oh and then there’s the other one. The one that I really, adamantly banged on about whilst I was pregnant. I was probably, to be frank, rather annoying in my quite utter disgust at the concept of my baby watching TV. Well, not watching TV as such – but, to be more specific, me using the TV as a bit of a babysitting tool. I found ( and still find ) the idea of plonking your baby in front of the TV for hours on end quite abhorrent and was very vocal about how people should play with babies. That I was going to keep my baby amused and not some blinking box in the corner of the room.


Well, I have to say that we don’t have the TV on that much, but it’s used a lot more than I thought it’d be. We found that when Monkey is looked after by his Daddy, the TV provides a good distracting tool around naptime as he’s far more interested in what Mr Bloom and the veggies are up to than screaming for Mummy and her boobies! In that respect, a short fifteen minute program is a very useful tool indeed.


This morning, I haven’t felt great and I had some bits that I needed to do. Monkey was being his usual utterly delightful self and kept on bringing me over all of his blocks, his ball pit balls and his books. The sofa was starting to look like a massive toy box!




I put on the TV and he left me alone.



So, does that make me a bad mum? Should I be waiting, nervously at the door for the parenting gurus to come a-knocking to tell me off? To put me back on the straight and narrow?

Nope. I’m just actually a NORMAL mum! I’m not a saint, I’m not perfect and, you know something? My little man is absolutely fine because of it. The militant mummies of the world would probably have a field day picking me apart, but it’s really ok. Some things are ok to drop our standards on a little, if it means that life can work for you and your family.

One thing that I’ve seen a lot of over the years (in my other role as a teacher) are mummies that are desperately trying to be the perfect mum. Or their vision of the perfect mum. Those playground gates are dreadful as there lie the mummy mafia – the ones that can make even the most sensible, normal mum doubt herself. And that can also start as early as in baby groups. This can lead to some very miserable ladies and babies, which can be utterly avoided if you can try to just go with your gut and do what’s right for you.

So, I suppose, in this rambling little post of mine, what I’m really trying to say is – just don’t worry! Do what feels right and as long as it’s safe for you and your baby, then just go with it!

Now…how long does that TV babysit for and how much per hour does it charge?


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