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Project Wild Thing

on September 12, 2012


Every now and then I hear of something that makes me nod furiously in agreement. Something that I think is so important that I want to shout about it everywhere and witter on to random people in queues in shops (sorry if I’ve ever done that to you, by the way!)

Project Wild Thing is one of them.

I heard about this fantastic documentary/campaign (which is backed by Channel 4, the NHS and the National Trust) fairly recently and, being someone who’s worked on outdoor activity holidays and now works at a Forest School, I felt that I just had to share it with you all.

Project Wild Thing is a film documentary that is due to play in cinemas from early next year. It’s really caught my attention because, over the years that I’ve been teaching I’ve seen quite a decline in the amount of time that children are spending outside. Whilst, of course, I absolutely adore my gadgets and technology, it’s really rather sad that so many of them are choosing to spend time inside rather than out in our beautiful world.

Now, I know that many of us have gardens and that we may take our kids out to local parks, but there’s a lot of children out there that have never experienced what nature really has to offer us. As the makers of the documentary/leaders of the campaign state,

“The film is all about our changing relationship with the natural world, in particular our children’s lack of outdoor time. Increased traffic, lack of space, fear of ‘stranger danger’ etc etc has all conspired against our children to the point where parents feel they are safer kept indoors, or kept on a tight leash. Fewer than 10% of children play in wild places, compared with 50% a generation ago.”

That’s really quite sad, isn’t it.

There’s something so magical about making dens outside, lying on your back in a grassy field and cloud-spotting or doing a spot of orienteering through a wood. Some of my best childhood memories are of playing in our ‘dens’ and creating nature trails, so it really does sadden me that some children aren’t getting those experiences.

If you head on over to the Project Wild Thing website, you can make a pledge to help the younger generation reconnect with nature, by matching online screen time per day with Wild Time outside. You can read the manifesto and sign up here

Once the number of people making the pledge reaches 5000, one lucky person will win a week’s holiday in the beautiful Swaledale, Yorkshire.


On the website, there are lots of great ideas to help people get out and about. There are links to many other groups, projects and places that you can go to and Project Wild Thing are also producing various Out and About Packs that are for particular age-ranges. The first pack is for mummies with newborn babies and is really worth a read!


They also have a fantastic wild thing app where you can put in how much time you have to spend.
It then comes up with a whole range of great activities that anyone can do, which is a fantastic resource to have at your fingertips. There’s even an area where you can share your ideas with others and read what people have been up to.

You can follow Project Wild Thing on Facebook via their page or via their Twitter feed @wearewildthing

So, go ahead. Get involved and make that pledge and get reconnected with Nature!



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