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These boots are made for walkin’…

on September 19, 2012


I blinked and my baby became a cruiser, almost toddler!

Time just moves far too quickly and I can’t quite believe that my little, squishy Monkey is so tantalising close to getting up on his own two feet and wobbling off on adventures galore. It’s wonderful, yet terrifying. How can my little man BE that old?

Over the years, I’ve had many a parent come into my class lamenting about how they can’t believe how quickly their little one is growing up. Whilst I personally found it rather disconcerting when an ex-student of mine suddenly became a teenager, it’s only now that I truly understand how they must have been feeling.

I always said that I didn’t want a baby – I wanted to be a parent…. but…but… My little baby is becoming a little man in his own right and it’s just incredible.

Now, Monkey has had those soft little baby shoes up to this point. They’re lovely and he still has them for using at nursery inside, as I feel that they’re much better for his feet. At home he’s barefoot pretty much all of the time – but he’s now at the stage where some footwear is becoming needed.

So I took him to get his feet measured, thinking that I’d purchase a pair of ‘cruisers’ to tide him over for those times at nursery that he goes outside and is starting to toddle around (albeit with some support). However, my little Monkey isn’t actually so little. In fact he’s quite a big, tall lad and with a foot size of 5.5 he doesn’t fit into the cruisers. They stop at size 5! Grrrrrr!

That means that he’s now the proud owner of the only pair of shoes in the shop that were appropriate for his stage of development (walkers would have been too structured for him at the moment). He’s not wearing them all the time but he loves stamping his feet on hard floors when he does get them on as they make a lovely sound!

I’m, personally, in love with the dinky little mini shoebox that they came in. It’s very, very cute indeed!

Have you had a toddler whose feet didn’t fit into the width-fitting shoes that you can get on the High Street? Whereabouts did you find funky shoes to fit your toddler? Please feel free to share!!!


3 responses to “These boots are made for walkin’…

  1. craftybaba says:

    We’ve gone from standing up to full on walking in a week-I’m not ready for this yet! The house isn’t ready! The cat’s certainly not ready.

    • Our cats are terrified! He can get across the room so fast now with a mixture of walking around the furniture and super-speed crawling that they’ve not totally adjusted to it and freak out MASSIVELY when he gets near.

      Oh god. Don’t get me started how unready the rooms are. He opened a cupboard drawer today that I thought would be pretty impossible. ARGH!

      Your little one is doing a good job, though! Well done!!!

  2. We had the same problem with our little one when he started walking. He needs XW shoes and there are only a few companies that make them, and very expensively at that! Mostly we’ve used Stride Rite. I shop around online for deals and stock up ahead when I find a good one so I don’t have to pay close to $50 because his current shoes are hurting his feet and I can’t wait for a good deal to come along. Pip Squeakers sell canvas shoes in XW for about $13 but they don’t seem super durable. You get what you pay for I guess. Still at this age they grow out of the shoes long before they really wear them out and I like that the bottom rubber is very flexible. They have an annoying squeak with each step (hence he name) but a drop of glue in the air hole coming out the side of the sole quickly solves that problem. I’m not certain they are sold as small as you might need them as my little one is 2 1/2 now (size 9XW) and I just discovered the company.

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