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Crafty Baba (well, Mummy really!!): nappy making!

on September 30, 2012

Sewing is something that pretty much fills me with dread. I watch other people making astounding items, whipping them up without a second thought as to how mind-boggling complicated it looks to people like me.

Ok – I did some sewing/ Home Ec lessons when I was at school and managed to rustle up a nightie, an apron and a rather dodgy-looking skirt, but my recent attempts at sewing have pretty much involved straight lines. I’ve managed to create curtain tie-backs, sew up some hems and made cloth wipes. All immensely challenging items…

So, when I heard that a cloth-nappy making course was starting up, I had to join up, even though was rather sceptical of my sewing abilities. But, a course that’s local to me was just too good a thing to miss and I made my way over to the very talented Zoe at Crafty Baba , in Suffolk

I, along with three other intrepid sewers (including the lovely Katie from BabyCalm in Ipswich ) took along our own nappies. We used these to create our own patterns and worked really well together to get some paper templates sorted out. You can download patterns online, but it made a lot of sense to use a shape that we know already worked.

We worked in Zoe’s gorgeous kitchen, finely honing our patterns until we had what we wanted. Then, we had a whole heap of materials to choose from to get our different layers cut out. This bit was relatively easy and great fun – thinking about what would look best on our babas’ bums!


Then, after a nice lunch break in the sunshine – the sewing machines came out. Eeeek! I was ever so worried – especially when it came to sewing in the elastic. But, it actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be and before I knew it – I had something that vaguely resembled a cloth nappy.


Result! Finishing it off with the KAM poppers tool was an experience that will haunt me for the rest of my days. My god, those things are fiddly but Zoe has reassured me that once you get used to using them, they’re a breeze. That’s quite a relief for me as I plan on converting a lot of my old aplix nappies to poppers, so – phew!

We all had a really lovely day and for anyone like me, who’s just that teeny bit too scared (or downright terrified) at the prospect of trying to make their own cloth nappies at home, a course like the one at Crafty Baba is just what you need!




9 responses to “Crafty Baba (well, Mummy really!!): nappy making!

  1. cherrypie says:

    It looks fab! Wish I could make my own, would be better than keep explaining why yet another parcel has arrived for me! X

  2. helbells1977 says:

    Well done you! I would like to say you’ve inspired me but since I can’t see a button on you can make me one for baby number two when we start ttc!!

    With fabric being so expensive is it cost effective to make your own? Xx

    • I have to be honest – I haven’t priced it up, but it was great fun. Def cheaper than buying a custom but WAHM’s are an immensely talented bunch and you’d need an embroidery machine if you wanted high detail.

      I’ll be converting you… I’ve just been biding my time!

  3. Cybele says:

    Zoe told me about your blog post, so I ‘wandered over’ to have a look. My two are a bit older now but I used to sew a lot for them, and it was so satisfying to see them wear clothes I’d made. Just keep practising and think of the ‘galloping horse’ rule: you don’t spot the mistakes when your toddler is running around like a galloping horse 🙂

  4. laurasaur says:

    They look amazing! Wish I lived in Suffolk as I’d defintely be doing the class too haha I have a pricey addiction to cloth bums!

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