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It’s the thought that counts: The lovely Eve!

on October 7, 2012


I’ve been using cloth nappies for over a year now and, I have to be honest, the excitement and thrill that I used to get from receiving fluffy post in the mail has waned a little. It was bound to, really, as I now have a good range of nappies and can’t really justify getting many more. Well, not until Monkey is outgrowing everything and I can enjoy getting hold of some larger, toddler nappies and training pants!

So, I’m not exactly jaded – but it takes quite a lot to get me very excited and to make me smile nowadays. God – doesn’t that make me sound miserable! I promise I’m not…

However, there was something I got recently that put THE biggest grin on my face. Something that was just so thoughtful and had such a lovely, personal touch, that I just had to share it with you.

The lovely Eve at Baba + Boo was giving away some goody bags recently and I was one of the lucky ladies to get one. I was actually quite excited about getting a goody bag, but it was what was inside it that made it stand out as being so special.

Not only did Eve put into the bag a lovely, spotty nappy that my little man utterly adores (he seriously does – he actually goes and grabs it from the changing unit when it’s time for a new nappy) but she also put in a very clever, very thoughtful ‘Mummy Survival Kit’.


This was so gorgeous! It was a very clever little kit that she had obviously taken a lot of time and care over and it showed just how Eve likes to put the personal touch into everything that she does.


In it was the following (I’m going to use Eve’s words to explain each one!):

Tissue… to soak up the tears (yours and your little one’s)
Cotton Ball… for when you can’t hear yourself think.
Marbles… to replace the ones that you will lose
Kisses (little sweets)…. for back up – you will be giving that many away
Matchsticks… need no explanations other than no sleep and eyelids
String… some spare for when you reach the end of your tether
Penny… for all your thoughts…and because you will need every one.
Tea Bag… to remind you to have 5 minutes to yourself.

I loved this kit. I really did. I’ve read and reread the little note many times and it’s consistently bringing a smile to my face. Thank you so much to the loved Eve at Baba + Boo for our lovely goody bag!

The latest, exciting news from them is that their gorgeous nappies have been shortlisted in the Mother and Baby Awards 2012/2013, which is wonderful news! Best of luck, Eve!


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