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Little Lamb OSFA nappy review

on October 24, 2012


As some of you may already know, I’m in the process of setting up my local Nappy Library. It’s hard work but I’m slowly getting together a nice range of preloved and new, donated, nappies that I’ll be able to loan out to parents who wish to try cloth nappies before investing heavily in them (which is a very sensible idea).

Little Lamb have been fabulous in their support of the library and I really can’t thank them enough! They sent over a vast range of their wonderful nappies that will give parents a really good overview of what they have to offer.

One nappy that, I have to admit, I haven’t got myself and got a little excited about when I opened up the package – is the Little Lamb OSFA (One size fits all). This is their new Birth to Potty (BTP) nappy that I’ve been meaning to get for ages. I thought that as I was going to loaning it out to parents that I’d better give it a test run, so that I knew (hand on heart) that when I talked to parents about it, I knew exactly what it was capable of.

So, we did all the usual prewashing and put the lovely, bright yellow nappy to the test.

First of all – the outer part of the nappy is a lovely, soft material that didn’t feel at all plasticky, even after a wash. To me, that’s really important and why I tend to go for minky nappies over just PUL ones. Many nappies that I’ve bought in the past have started off nice and soft only to go all hard and plasticky after a first wash, so I was really happy that this didn’t happen.

The OSFA nappy can be used from birth to potty, via the series of snaps on the front of the nappy. This means that the rise (the crotch of the nappy) can be adjusted as your baby grows. My little Monkey isn’t quite so little anymore, so we had it full unpoppered, which worked really well.

The inserts are microfibre, which meant that as I got the nappy out of the washing machine they were almost dry already. A few hours later, on my heated airer, the whole nappy was dry! I reckon that leaving it overnight on a standard airer would do the job.

This nappy performed incredibly well during the Mr Clothbum trial, I’m pleased to say. He had it on for nearly three and half hours and during this time he did all his latest, very energetic tricks! He’s now happily toddling around, loves bumping down onto his bottom very hard and has started climbing, so the nappy was put through the mill. We also had a little rest during this time, so a compression test was also included (to see if the nappy leaks when pressed down upon for a prolonged period of time).

There were no leaks from the Little Lamb OSFA at all and the soft, elasticated cuffs around his legs didn’t leave any marks. I have to say that I was really impressed. This nappy also held in one of his mega-wees, which is very good as he manages to outwee most pocket nappies at the moment.

Thank you so much again, Little Lamb , for sending over such a fab nappy. I can’t wait to loan it out to some lucky parent to try on their little one!



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