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It’s the Weekend! Halloween and all that jazz…

on October 27, 2012

Well, yet another weekend has winged it’s way around again and we’re here in Clothbum Towers, cosied up in our lounge away from the sudden cold snap that’s hit us. We went out to the zoo yesterday, which was a lot of fun, but little Master C refused to keep a hat on. That was fine until he decided that his head was cold, so we had lots of crying and dramatic moments where he flung himself in a spectacular fashion all over the place in his buggy. Oh, the joy…

We’re incredibly lucky that we have such a great zoo so close to us – it really is a wonderful thing to have on your doorstep. As we have a yearly pass it means that we can pop over for a few hours pretty much whenever we want. I don’t then feel guilty if we go home when it starts to rain and little Monkey absolutely adores the animals, especially the giraffes. He gets SO excited when he sees them lolloping across their enclosure.

However, he has taken to ‘Woofing’ at everything at the moment, which is pretty funny. Did you know that elephants woof? Apparently they do… very loudly as well! And so do lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) Consider yourself toddler educated!

Has your little one educated you recently? I wonder what you’ve learnt that as an adult, you just weren’t aware of before? It’s amazing how these little beings open our eyes to things that we have obviously just previously ignored!

I hope you’re all having a great start to your weekend. Over the next few weeks I have lots and lots of lovely nappies and accessories to review for you. So many companies have been immensely generous in donating nappies to the nappy library/demo kit that I’ve been setting up recently for my local area and we’ve been putting them through their paces.

To finish off this little weekend post – let me proudly show off Monkey’s latest creations from nursery. As it’s nearly Halloween, they’ve been doing some art. So, I’m obviously immensely proud that my 14 month old has not only mastered the art of drawing and cutting out a shape (hmmm…) but that he’s so delicately applied lots of gloopy glue and artistically scattered glittery shapes. You can obviously see the genius emerging already. I’m thinking somewhere in line with Van Gogh …

Then, to top it off he’s made something that should be in every house – a Halloween cracker. Yes! A Cracker! It’s the must have of the season – the new extra that you just didn’t know you needed but now (I bet) you feel utterly devastated at the fact that you don’t have one. Well, we do and I have no idea of what’s inside it yet. We’ll obviously wait until the traditional Halloween cracker opening day that is the 31st (of course – we couldn’t do it early) and then we’ll see what goodies it contains.

He definitely had a lot of fun making these, if the amount of glue and pen marks on his hands when I picked him up is a good indication and, all joking aside, I love the fact that they’re doing lots of arts and crafts with him.
I must go and get some kind of keepsake folder. Any suggestions?



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