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Boooootiful Bambooty Nappies: Review

on October 31, 2012


Some of the fluffy post that has landed on my doorstep has, quite literally, taken my breath away. I’m building up the nappy collection for my local nappy library/demo kit and I’ve had some very generous donations from local (and not so local) ladies where they’ve given their stashes of nappies away to help others and those have been amazing!

I’ve also had some very generous donations from various nappy companies and Bambooty have been absolutely incredible! They sent over an amazing array of their lovely and funky nappies for inclusion in the nappy library/ demo kit and I can’t express just how grateful I am.

I got a lovely selection, which included

2 – Small Easy Dry – Teddy/Hootybooty

1 – Medium Easy Night – Trains

1 – Medium Easy Day – Strawberry

1 – Easy One Size (this also gives a good idea of sizing for Large and XL) – Dino

2 – Boosters

1 – Roll of Liners

(apologies for the photos – I’m hoping to get my proper camera working again soon!)

The Easy Dry nappies have the added bonus of coming in their own, really cute, little wetbags – which I think is a lovely and very sensible concept. These very trim nappies have all their boosters sewn in (AIO’s) to make them really easy to put on. The bamboo/cotton/microfibre booster can be flapped outwards to make drying times easier and, I have to say, they dried remarkably quickly.

Little Missy-Clothbum came to our aid again and tested out the smaller nappies for us. Her mummy was very taken with the nappies and absolutely loved the prints! She was quite impressed at how absorbent they were as she generally prefers fitted nappies with wraps and really liked the little wetbags as it made it so simple if you’re out and about and need to change a nappy!

We also tried the Easy Night on her (although she is a little bit on the small side for a Medium at the moment). It just about fitted around her, with some very tight poppering up and lasted all night without any problems at all. These nappies have four sewn in soakers that held a remarkable amount of liquid (little Missy wees a lot at night), and are still really quite trim nappies. Again, this nappy dried in a really short amount of time and is a great addition to any nappy collection.

I was excited that my little Monkey was able to test out the Easy One Size nappy and got it prewashed as quickly as I possibly could. This nappy had a dinosaur print on it, which my little man loved as his favourite jigsaw at the moment is a gorgeous Melissa & Doug dinosaur one that he got for his birthday!

The Easy One Size has the usual BTP poppers on the front of the nappy to alter the size, which means that it can fit your baby all the way through their cloth-nappying time. It has two sewn in absorbant flaps that you can pull outwards to make drying nice and quick and also has a snap-in booster that you can take out if not needed. We used this during the day with no problems whatsoever – even during his heaviest wetting times. The nappy performed brilliantly, there was no leaking around the leg cuffs and it looked very slim under his clothes, which is always a bonus.

Thank you, Bambooty , for sending over such a gorgeous and great range of nappies. They make an excellent addition to any nappy stash and I can’t wait to loan them out/ demo them to more people!

daisytheclothbummum was sent the range of Bambooty nappies as a donation to our nappy library/demo kit. I did not receive any payment for this and all thoughts and opinions are my own.



2 responses to “Boooootiful Bambooty Nappies: Review

  1. Ailsa Vincent says:

    Please – what was the weight of the baby who tried the medium easy night? I am looking for a night nappy but don’t want to waste my money on New Born Size.

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