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It’s…Real Easy! Review

on November 6, 2012


As I’ve already mentioned in the blog, I’ve recently had some lovely people donate some fab nappies to my nappy library that I’ve been busily working away at. Babykind were really, erm, kind (sorry – couldn’t avoid using it!!!) and sent over a gorgeous ‘Real Easy’ nappy by Hip Hip Baby.

This nappy is an AIO (all-in-one) nappy, which means that everything is sewn into the nappy so there’s no worries about losing bits of it! I remember when I first started looking at cloth nappies, AIO’s were a great idea as I knew that they wouldn’t flummox my hubby! Always a good start!

The nappy that I got sent was a small size so I asked my friend if she wouldn’t mind getting little mini-Missy Clothbum to test the nappy for me. They took it away and had a good play with it!

The Real Easy nappy is an AIO, but has a pocket at the back where the very thirsty hemp insert can be pulled out to make drying easier (it’s sewn at one end so it doesn’t come apart). The nappy has a soft, fleecy inner that’s really nice against skin (you will probably want to line the nappy, but the inner is gorgeous) and the leg cuffs are really soft and didn’t leave any rub marks on her skin at all. Sewn into the nappy, under the fleece, is a micro-terry pad that coped very well during little Missy’s test!

The great thing about having a pocket where the inserts flap out is that it really helps to speed up the drying process. This nappy dried remarkably quickly and didn’t go crunchy on an airer, which is always a bonus!

As these are sized nappies, you can get a really good, snug fit on your baby and I’m really looking forward to showing this nappy to more parents via my nappy library!

Babykind also send over a gorgeous DryBib Bandana Bib by Hip Hip Baby as well. This is a really funky-looking bib that my little Master Clothbum instantly grabbed and swung around his head a few times! We go through quite a lot of bibs at the moment, due to continuous teething, so I was quick to put it on him. He paraded around the room very happily, almost as if he was showing off.

The bibs come in lots of lovely patterns and colours (I had a good look online as I’m sorely tempted to get some now!) and are backed with fleece so that any liquid doesn’t go through to clothes. Now, I’ve had some bibs that claimed to not allow liquid to pass through that, well… just didn’t work. But the DryBib was brilliant and I really recommend it!

daisytheclothbummum was sent the Real Easy nappy and DryBib by Babykind as a donation to our nappy library and for review. I was not paid for this and all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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