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Stamptastic Review: Effortless name-labelling!

on November 11, 2012


As a teacher there are a few things that really, really annoy me. That really get under my skin. Now, I could start listing them all but I think I’m just going to stick with one of my main ones – the one that has me groaning with utter exasperation every time it raises its annoying, ugly head.

Name labels… or more precisely, the LACK of name labels in children’s clothes.


Now, there are various ways to label your child’s clothes. They boil down to:

Sewn-in labels.
These are brilliant but immensely time-consuming and many parents, quite frankly, can’t be bothered with them. I actually like sewing them on but I’m a bit odd!

Iron-on labels.
I find these absolutely rubbish! They last for a short while but almost always fall off at the most annoying moment.

Super-sticky labels.
Useful for things like the inside of shoes, but still have the tendency to fall off/ out.

Labelling pens.
Pretty good but the ink tends to wash out quite quickly.

Labelling with whatever biro/marker you happen to have lying around.
Yeah…doesn’t really work that well, does it!

What I’ve found via my teaching job is that most people nowadays seem to prefer the iron-on or sticky labels and they are pretty dreadful things. This has meant many mornings talking to many parents about many, many, MANY items going missing. It’s such a pain and such a waste of both time and money.

So, I was quite intrigued when I heard of Stamptastic. They make personalised stamps which make labelling anything and pretty much everything a breeze. You pre-order the stamp and it gets posted to you, complete with an ink-pad.

I got quite excited, waiting for my stamp (sorry, Master Clothbum’s) stamp to arrive and started looking around the house for things that I was going to label. I got all of his nursery clothes, his shoes, bibs and his coat ready in a big pile. But that didn’t seem enough of a challenge. You see, Stamptastic can be used to stamp all kinds of things, including fabric, metal, wood and plastic. So out came a water bottle and a random wooden toy or two.

Our stamp arrived and I was quite impressed at how sleek it looked. The letters are set on a transparent block, which makes positioning the lettering really easy and within mere minutes my pile of stuff was stamped.


The ink lasts through many washes and it’s not exactly hard work to re-stamp something if you need to! It was great for getting into annoying areas, like the insides of shoes and gives a very nice professional look.

The only problem that I found was that with dark ink, you can’t stamp dark trousers/clothes that also have a dark label inside them! Luckily, most items of clothing have white labels so that didn’t pose too much of a problem.

I think Stamptastic is an excellent addition to any parents name-labelling resources. It’s a very clever, very simple idea that was thought up by three mums who were fed up of labelling all their children’s clothes and it’s a little block of brilliance!

daisytheclothbummum was sent this stamp for the purpose of this review. I was not paid and all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.



2 responses to “Stamptastic Review: Effortless name-labelling!

  1. Teresa says:

    Where do you get this from and how much? Looks really good. I’m fed up of trying to write (scribble over and over again) with a biro on to the labels.

    • If you click on the link (the Stamptastic name on the review) you will get taken to their site. Cost depends on how many stamps you need -I’m really pleased with ours (so far the ink’s doing well and I’ve stamped far too much stuff!!!)

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