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Toddler Tastic!

on November 22, 2012


Wow. I’ve been looking back at the blog and over the past few weeks I’ve noticed something – I’m doing an awful lot of reviews and not a lot of rambling posts! That’s not like me at all… Those who know me are probably laughing and nodding their heads in agreement, but it’s quite unusual for me to pass up on the opportunity to waffle on and on – but that’s what I’ve been doing.

So, there’s a good reason (or a hundred) as to why I’ve not been regaling you with snippets of my life recently. The main one is work. Work, work, work! I’ve been (and still am) very busy and just haven’t really had the time. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job, but it’s been quite hard to step back and take the time to do things like this. Like, right now – I know there’s a million things that I should/could be doing but I’ve given myself five minutes grace! Cup of coffee and a biscuit at my side and a computer to type away on and ramble – job’s a good ‘un!

Then there’s been all the amazing donations that I’ve been receiving (and still am receiving) for the nappy library/ demo kit that I’ve been setting up. People have been fantastic and I really can’t thank them enough, but with all donations (especially from companies) I obviously am doing reviews for them. That’s only fair and a great way to show people who read this blog just how many wonderful different types and brands of nappies there are.

So, I’ve got a whole host of reviews already written, a fair few in the pipeline and quite a lot more still to come. Phew!

But, nappies aside for a moment – back to blogging about life.
Life is good!
Life is busy!
Life with a toddler is hectic!
Life with a CLIMBING toddler is quite frankly a pain in the backside!!!

Oh dear god, he doesn’t stop! He’s up on everything, almost falling off everything and generally being a little monster. I think it might be time for a renaming of Master Monkey Clothbum to little Master Monster.

He constantly has a massive cheeky grin on his face, is babbling away non-stop and I know when he’s being naughty as he goes very quiet and looks around all the time to see if he’s being watched, which is rather amusing. One of my brothers used to whistle whenever he was doing something he shouldn’t, which was always hilarious, and I think that Monster is going to end up with a similar tell as he’s also started making this funny whistling sound when he’s focusing on things that he knows are not allowed. It’s hilarious!

With this new found sense of self developing, he’s also becoming more determined which is leading to some interesting little stand offs. We’ve had a few tempers where he throws himself backwards onto the floor, quite a few sittings in the corner and howling and general determined attempts to stamp his mark on things and do it his way. It’s actually very interesting to observe but quite tough, at times, to remain cool and gently but firmly stand our ground or distract him (whichever happens to be the most appropriate at the time).

I’m also finding that he’s now nursing more like a newborn again at night, which is a bit sore at times. I’m sure it’s because he’s teething but part of me is wondering whether it’s because he likes the comfort and as he’s pretty much self-weaned during the day, that he wants it at night.

If any of you have carried on breastfeeding a toddler, did you find they upped their nursing at all? What tips could you give to others like myself who are newbies to nursing a toddler?
They’d be very much appreciated!



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