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A ray of sunshine! Review of a gNappy from

on November 25, 2012


Well, I’ve been incredibly lucky (or should I say that the Nappy Library I’ve been setting up have been incredibly lucky!) as lots of lovely people and companies have been helping out by donating nappies.

One company that have been brilliant are the lovely folks at Amazon. They sent over THE cutest little gNappy set for me to loan out to parents of little ones, along with a larger gPant that will be great for older babies.

Now, I’ve blogged about gNappies before and they’re fantastic things. They really are! When I first saw them, a while ago, I actually didn’t think that they’d work. They are just so…thin! But they are now staples in my cloth nappy stash and I don’t think I could actually manage without them.

For those of you who have never seen a gNappy before, feast your eyes on the pictures in this post. They are lovely! gNappies are a hybrid system that you can adapt to suit your needs. A hybrid system is one where you can put in either a cloth or a disposable pad, which gives you quite a lot of flexibility. They comprise of the following:

The outer little gPant which fastens with an aplix-style fastening, but with a difference. These close at the back, rather than the front, which is great for those older babies who want to try and whip off their nappies. They are lovely, soft and breathable and feel pretty much like underwear, which is fantastic. These come in different sizes, so you need to invest in a few over the time that you’ll be using them, but this is no different to using sized nappies.

gNappies come in five different sizes:

Newborn: 6-10 lbs
Small: 8-14 lbs
Medium: 13-28 lbs
Large: 26-36 lbs
Extra Large: 34lbs +

Snapped into these are a waterproof pouch. This is like a hammock and in it you can put either a gCloth or a gRefill. gCloths are your cloth nappying option. They are very thin, ultra absorbent microfleece/hemp/cotton cloths that slot into the pouches. gRefills are soft, 100% biodegradeable and plastic-free disposable inserts that can be either home-composted or binned.

Amazon really kindly donated a pack of the newborn/small gCloths plus a very gorgeous bright yellow little gPant, which is a small size. As this gorgeous little nappy would probably now only fit around my son’s things, I had to go in search of a little teeny helper!


My friend came to the rescue and the nappy (filled with a gCloth) was soon filled with the cute little bottom of an incredibly dinky and gorgeous little 12lbs girl! She soon put the gNappy through its paces and christened it pretty much immediately. We didn’t really know what to expect as she’s at the massively explosive almost newborn breastfed poo stage and we kept our fingers crossed that the nappy would contain it all. Her mum usually uses fitted nappies with wraps over the top, so she did look a teeny bit nervous.


It did a remarkably good job and contained everything very very well indeed. She has since tried it with some of the gRefills that she ordered online and was really impressed with those too. Both the cloths and the refills hold a remarkable amount of liquid and are much more thirsty than they look (as they are so so thin!)

The only downside that my friend could come up with is that with gNappies, you don’t get the big squishy cloth bum, but that’s instantly counterweighted by the fact that you can slip your baby into some of the clothes that you have to avoid whilst using cloth nappies as they’ll just be too tight!

Amazon have recently launched Amazon Family. This is their new membership programme for families with young children, where you can get access to many exclusive discounts. You get a nice £10 off any purchase in their Baby Store, which’d be pretty helpful if you liked the idea of a gNappy, plus free one-day delivery for three months after you sign up. There’s lots of discounts and offers available (at least £50 discount per month) and you can join up for free for the first 3 months. It’s well worth a look into, if you’re going to be buying a lot of baby bits and bobs!

Thank you, Amazon, for donating these to the library. They are very much appreciated and I know that lots of mums will benefit from this donation.

daisytheclothbummum was sent the gNappy and gCloths as a donation for a nappy library. I was not paid and all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.


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