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Winter Woes: The joys of bugs and lurgies

on December 7, 2012

I’ve just realised how long it’s been since I last posted. How on earth did a whole week pass by that fast? Eeeek! Scary stuff.

The Toddler, Mr Monkey Clothbum, hasn’t been at all well this week. He’s had a dreadful cold, ear and chest infection – you know the ones, where the river of snot never seems to stop and you wake up (if you’re a co-sleeper like us) with your face and, erm, boobs covered in a crusty layer of loveliness…It’s been great!

Add to that the whining, the screaming, the incessant crying and the hacking horrible cough and you can imagine how fun our week has been for everyone. Did I mention that the whining was from me?!

So, I have a whole world of reviews and posts to get on with now that he’s back to feeling a little bit better, thanks to the miracles that are antibiotics and time. We’re got some fantastic Charlie Banana and Green Pomelo nappies to review, but I haven’t dared put Monkey in them due to the horrendous stuff that he’s been firing out whilst being on the meds. It’s not been pleasant…

I’ve also got a brilliant book to share with you by Charlie Plunkett , but the ill Monkey hasn’t allowed me much reading time!

I’m also in the middle of doing some really fun cookery stuff for Mumsnet and Gourmet Garden herbs , so keep an eye out for that. Hopefully my efforts won’t be too dreadful – but I’ll let you be the judge of that (how scary!)

Now, I’m off to do some sewing. We’re at that transition stage again, where the trousers are getting too tight for going over the nappies – so he’s now in size 2/3 trousers that are enormously too long for him. It’s actually quite comical to see him in them – so I’d better get sewing turnups so he doesn’t go flying!



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