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Charlie Banana Nappy Review

on December 16, 2012


I’m consistently amazed and so thankful for just how supportive most nappy companies are towards people, like myself, that are setting up cloth nappy libraries across the country. It’s tough when you’re on such a small (pretty much non-existent) budget and you’re trying to get a good range of nappies that you can show to people. It’s important to have modern cloth nappies that look nice, as well as easy to use, as people are usually genuinely quite surprised at how funky they are!

So, you can imagine how astounded I was at the generosity of Charlie Banana They sent over an incredibly generous amount of Charlie Banana nappies, some sized and some of their brilliant One-Size nappies. You could probably hear my squeals of delight from down the road when I got the package!

I decided that we had to give the CB’s a really good test and set about prewashing them. Then my little Monkey went and got bug after bug after bug. I decided to wait as I didn’t feel that the horrendous antibiotic mess that his body was creating was a good and fair start to testing them and he wasn’t really in the mood for Mummy taking photos of him!


Luckily, he seems to be much more of his usual self now and everything has settled back down to normal, so testing commenced the other day! I have to say that I’ve been really impressed with these nappies.

Charlie Banana nappies are so simple to use. They are pocket nappies that you can slip either a reusable micoterry insert/soaker into or line with a disposable insert. They are lined with fleece that helps pull the moisture away from the skin and there’s a front panel where you can tuck a disposable pad into, if you choose to use them. The nappies I got sent didn’t have disposable inserts with them, so we only tested the reusable option.

The nappies are remarkably slim-fitting and I was slightly concerned that my mega-widdling toddler would outwee them very quickly, which is what we’re finding with most pockets at the moment. This, happily, wasn’t the case and he lasted a good 2-3 hours before I had to change him. We were out in town during two changes and the great thing about these nappies is that they packed down quite small in my changing bag, which is always a bonus!


I got sent two different types of these nappies. The One-Size nappies have elastic on the inside of the pocket that you can pull to different settings as your baby grows, rather than have poppers on the outside of the nappy to adjust the ‘rise’. This gives a really nice, smooth finish on the front of the nappy and worked really well.

My little Monkey is towards the upper end of the nappy sizing, but I borrowed a baby from a friend (like you do!) and tried the nappy on a smaller setting, which was remarkably easy to do. It didn’t look too bulky and we managed to get it fitting really well.


The other nappies I was sent were sized ones, which can give a better fit but obviously need replacing with larger sizes as your baby grows. Monkey is now in a Large size and they did give a really good fit and lasted very well indeed. He seemed to be especially taken with the hot pink one (!) and they were so slim that I could even put a pair of fairly skinny jeans over the top of the nappies.

I’m really impressed with the Charlie Banana nappies and I know that they’re going to make a great addition to our nappy library. They are funky, the prints that you can get are fantastic (they have a brilliant ‘fashion collection’ that you can buy) and they work really well.

Thank you so much to Charlie Banana for donating these nappies to the nappy library! They are wonderful.

daisytheclothbummum received these nappies as a donation to a nappy library. I was not paid and all word, thoughts and opinions are my own.


2 responses to “Charlie Banana Nappy Review

  1. I love our Charlie Bananas and find them one of the best nappies we use for a chunky boy. I love the fact you stuff from the front, so you can really boost them well for a boy x

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