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Best for Breast! Bamboobies

on February 1, 2013


If you’re a breastfeeding mum, there’s certain things that you probably can’t be without. Breastpads are one of them. I only know of a couple of mums who’ve pretty much managed most of their breastfeeding time without using pads but most ladies I know have found them essential, especially in the early days when you can soak through a bra in a heartbeat if you forget them.

Now, packets of good quality disposable breastpads are NOT cheap and you can get through quite a lot. I remember having to wear two pads in each bra cup at the beginning to ensure that I wasn’t soaking through. It wasn’t fun and, with being on maternity pay, every penny counted.

So I invested in some washable, cloth breastpads from a high street shop. The only problem with the ones that I bought was that they were, to be frank, rubbish. They didn’t really hold much liquid and the milk wicked through quite quickly. I resigned myself to paying for disposables for the rest of my breastfeeding journey.

Then as I discovered more and more brands of cloth nappies, I also discovered better made, better quality cloth breastpads that actually work! Recently, I was sent some Bamboobies from the lovely Ailsa at Bambooty nappies, and I just wish that I’d had them earlier on.

Bamboobies are gorgeous, soft and ultra-thirsty breastpads that come in two different thicknesses. They are the kind of soft that make you want to rub them against your cheek (yes, I’ve been guilty of doing that with a lovely, squishy new nappy – which cloth bum mum hasn’t done it…) and that softness is perfect. When a breastfeeding mum has got painful nipples through early latching on issues through to biting from an overzealous toddler, it really does help that the pad isn’t going to cause any other problems.

Not only are Bamboobies really nice to wear, they really do work. Brilliantly. I’ve not had a single leak from them, they wash really well and dry quite quickly, which is so important when you need to get on with using them again. I’ve worn them at work (which means that I was away from Monkey all day and not feeding him between 7am – 7pm) and they didn’t leak once. I’ve also worn them overnight, a time that is usually very leaky for me – but, again, no leaks. I really love these pads and they’re working very well for me!

At the moment, Bamboobies aren’t on general release, but if you’re interested in them – drop Ailsa at Bambooty a line at

daisytheclothbummum was sent two pairs of Bamboobies for the purpose of this review. I received no payment and all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.


6 responses to “Best for Breast! Bamboobies

  1. mummysallygg says:

    Oh these sound fantastic! I’ve loved my Little Lambs which I also discovered much later than I liked but might just get in touch to find out about these. I have been recommending LL ones to other breastfeeding mums who have gone on to buy them and love them too, so would be great to have something else to suggest as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts- I do love discovering something new!

    • The LL ones are also brilliant, I agree. I have to say that I just love how soft the Bamboobies are – they’re really lovely on those days where Monkey has been nursing a bit too much. We’re at that stage where he’s teething a lot, so nursing like a newborn and ooooh it hurts at times! Thanks for the lovely comment – it really means a lot as it’s so nice to know that my little ramblings are ok and useful!! xxx

      • mummysallygg says:

        Ha Ha! I’m there right now- blood on my breast pad, super sore nipples and a toddler who thinks it’s a game to keep asking for more. Just smeared lots of Lansinoh on them so fingers crossed! Who knew we’d have latch issues this far along!

      • Argh, oh nooooo! The joys of teeth! Have you used some of your own breastmilk as well? I always find that seems to really help. I’ve even almost soaked one side of a breastpad on purpose to help! Monkey seems to be easing up on the biting at the moment as he’s so breast-orientated that he quickly realised that everytime he bit, Mummy put the boobies away. He did NOT like that at all and kept on signing please at me, whilst screaming loudly. Not sure how long this non-biting period will last, but it’s been quite a while since his last proper attempt. He jokingly acts as if he’s going to bite (just to gauge my reaction) but he seems to know that it’s a no-no!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Bamboobies are NOW officially on sale in the UK go to
    Visit shop and look through accessories.. You will find them there!

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