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Where do they go? My weekend musing

on February 15, 2013


Just a thought on this Friday night…

I’ve been tidying up the toys as we’ve had one of those, ‘I’m going to play with EVERYTHING and throw them EVERYWHERE’ days. You know the sort – those ones where your toddler gets stupidly excited, runs around like a total loony and chucks his toys wherever he feels like it.

Now, I tried to think like a toddler whilst I was trying to piece back together his jigsaws, sets of cars and play food. If I was an excitable little being, where might I put things?

That didn’t work.

Not one bit!

It’s not actually worked to the extent that I JUST CAN’T FIND MOST OF IT.

I haven’t got a clue where he’s put them at all. I’ve pulled out the sofa, I’ve looked behind everything and I’ve even checked in parts of the kitchen that I KNOW he didn’t actually go in.


the question remains…


Answers on a postcard, please! Save my sanity!


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