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I got sidetracked

on March 9, 2013


You know when you really don’t realise how much time has passed.

When you blink and a week has flown by without you actually registering that it’s done so.

Yep. That’s been happening to me. A LOT!

In a way, it’s great. Life is full on. Life is busy and we’re having a lot of fun.

I got pampered by Monkey at nursery the other day. He made me a gorgeous Mother’s Day card (I say ‘made’ when I really mean that the lovely nursery nurses glued a poem onto one of his modernist paintings – we’ve titled it ‘Copper splodge with silver splat mark one’)
He also ‘painted’ my nails (plus his hand, my hand, the floor and my face) and made me a fantastic cup of imaginary tea – the best one yet!

It was lovely! He was so excited that I was there with him and wanted to show me everything in the room. Literally. I had piles of stuff thrown on me whilst he toddled around shouting, ‘Yeah Yeah Mummum… ‘. Cute!

But, I digress.

I’ve got sidetracked from the blog and I apologise! I’ve got loads to write about, stuff to review and I have lots of exciting things coming up, including Real Nappy Week! Ooooh!!!

But. Look!

Getting sidetracked has been productive!

Monkey’s getting a new snuggle blanket! A boyish one as all the ones I made when he was a bump are neutral colours and now far too small.

Getting sidetracked can be good!



5 responses to “I got sidetracked

  1. Valerie says:

    I’m glad life is good! I look forward to your upcoming posts! I love crocheting too. πŸ˜€

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