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Busy Busy Busy!

on March 23, 2013


I hate technology. I’ve decided that it can be so amazing, but also – the utter bane of my life. I’m sure there’s quite a few of you out there that would agree with me.

To cut an incredibly (nearly ten day old) story short, my sleek, funky, apparently wonderful wireless keyboard kind of just stopped working and became a very expensive and pointless ornament. To say that I wasn’t impressed would be an understatement!

Now, I blog using my wireless keyboard and my iPad. For those of you who don’t have a tablet-type of computer, using the touchscreen keypad is an utter pain in the backside. I’m a touch-typist and I find the thing utterly infuriating, so I’ve not really been able to blog and typing emails has been a long, slow and laborious process.

I’d just about given up on the thing and was in the process of buying another when, for no good reason, it suddenly decided to work again. VERY VERY ODD! So, I’m grabbing the chance while I can to write blog posts, to reply to people and to generally catch up!

So, Daisy, I hear you say…what have you been up to whilst technology has been letting you down horribly?

Well…firstly, cheers for asking! Nice to know that some people are interested in my meagre little existence!

Secondly – loads! Loads and loads and loads!

Last weekend was our NCT nearly new sale. I have set up a nappy library in my local area, with some fantastic support from my NCT, my council and various lovely clothy people that I’ve met online. I had a stall again at our sale and had SO SO many people interested in borrowing packs and finding out more about cloth that I’m going to be very busy over the next few months in my spare time. I’m so pleased. It’s great to know that more people are seriously getting into using cloth nappies (I think the current economic climate does have quite a lot to do with it).

So, that was a fabulous weekend – very productive and very encouraging.

Then, I’ve had a brilliant but very busy week at work. It was our last week of term and, as most of you parents and all of you who are teachers will know, it’s always so full on. I even had an observation thrown into the mix (went well – rather chuffed about that!) so it’s been non-stop.

So, we’re relaxing today with a bit of art, a bit of play and a party for one of my little man’s favourite friends. Sounds like a great end to a busy week.

Hope you’ve all got a nice weekend planned. Have a great one and I’ll be back on blogging form next week with a working keypad.

Did you know, by the way, that gorillas are bright red? No? Neither did I but The Toddler is convinced…


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