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Real Nappy Week 2013: Oooooh! It’s nearly here!

on April 13, 2013


It’s that time of the year where all us Cloth Bum Mums get a little (ok, a lot…) excited!

It’s that time of the year where lots of lovely new mummies and mummies-to-be start to look around at cloth nappies and find out more about them.

It’s that time of the year where really amazing things happen in the Cloth Nappy World.


It’s nearly here…

It’s only blooming well, abso-flippling-lutely so so SO close to being HERE!



Ok. So I think by now that most of you have realised that I’m rather flipping excited! Real Nappy Week is a fantastic time to find out more about cloth nappies, to get involved with some really fun local events and also (let’s be very honest here) get some quite stonkingly good deals on nappies.

But, this year, lots of the nappy retailers have decided to get together and create something truly fantastic. The Great British Nappy Hunt kicks off very soon and is set to be a lot of fun! So what’s going on? It’s all being kept very top secret at the moment but all the various cloth nappy groups are buzzing with excitement at the revelation that there will be lots of fantastic prizes, including some wonderful WAHM (work at home mum) creations and a game of ‘Clothopoly’!

To get involved, visit Billy’s Blog to find out more and where you can register to get involved!

Apart from the hunt, make sure that you join a cloth nappy group or two to see what offers other people have found online. There’s always amazing deals to be had and it’s much easier to find things when others are sharing their exciting finds! Real Nappy Week has such a buzz about it and it’s great fun to chat to others and is always a good way to find out information on how others use cloth and gather some hints and tips.

Finally, it obviously goes without saying – if you’re already a cloth nappy user then get those cute little padded bottoms out on show AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! Show off your fluff! Show the world that cloth nappies are amazing.
That they are cute!
That they are so easy and simple to use.

Quite frankly, show them that they are really missing out by using anything else!

I can’t wait for the fun and games to commence…

Can you?!


One response to “Real Nappy Week 2013: Oooooh! It’s nearly here!

  1. Just a little excited here too! Would love it if you’d link this and any other posts you write during Real Nappy Week to the #ClothBumBlogs blog hop.
    Will be following you xx

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