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Tuesday – Real Nappy Week: Real Nappies, Real Fun!

on April 16, 2013


Goodness, this Real Nappy Week is going quickly, isn’t it! I can’t believe that it’s Tuesday already. Ok…yes, I know that after Monday comes Tuesday, so I shouldn’t be so surprised… but it’s been a year since the last Real Nappy Week and it hardly seems like any time at all.

Anyway – I’ll stop rambling madly and get down to business!

Have you been having fun with Clothopoly and The Great British Nappy Hunt? I don’t know about you all but I seem to be getting the hang of them both and not quite so utterly confused as I was yesterday! It’s all good fun and it’s nice to see Facebook groups buzzing with such excitement.

It all goes to show that Real Nappies can be really good fun. Not just once a year, during a special nappy week, but most of the time. I know that sounds silly, but bear with me!

What I love about cloth nappies is that there’s a little community of people (be it online or via a local nappy meet) that you can connect with. You can get ideas from these lovely ladies/ gents, you can pick their brains and you can meet like-minded individuals. It’s a fantastic range of resources to have and one that helped me a lot at the start.

Also, real nappies are just fun to use. There’s nothing particularly satisfying about wrapping your baby in a disposable nappy. It’s just not the same feeling (in my opinion) as putting them into a soft, comfy nappy that you can choose in such a wide range of funky patterns and colours. You can accessorise the nappy to your heart’s content with a range of wraps or outers, if you so wish. Plus, with the beautiful custom nappies available, your baby can have a bespoke bum!

Now… I don’t like typing this. I usually keep the blog so fluffy and happy but I felt I just had to write something. I was saddened to see a couple of posts online yesterday that complained or moaned about/to some of the companies involved in the nappy hunt and other RNW events.

It’s a shame as, at the end of the day, these lovely ladies and gentlemen who run nappy companies don’t owe any of us a freebie. They don’t owe us competitions and they don’t owe us lots of discounts. Of course it’s great for business and the hunt brings people to their sites that might not necessarily go there otherwise, but let’s all remember that they’ll be taking a cut in any profit in order to give away a prize

I, for one, would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has got together to make Real Nappy Week, Clothopoly and The Great British Nappy Hunt so exciting, vibrant and fun this year. A lot of hard work has obviously gone in behind the scenes and there are people up and down the country (myself included) giving up their time to run nappuccinos and meets and some of these people don’t get paid.

I know we can all be cynical at times but I think that they’ve done a great job and making it a large, collaborative effort is something that will really boost the profile of real nappies. Let’s hope that boost continues to help more people change to/ start using cloth over the year!

Back to fluffier, happier things. Keep an eye on the blog because towards the end of the week I’ll be running a little competition that you can enter. Have a think about someone that is just starting out with using cloth nappies (or would like to start using them). I have a little pack of goodies to give away to one lucky winner to help them get started. I’ll put up details of how you can enter on behalf of that person later on in the week!


5 responses to “Tuesday – Real Nappy Week: Real Nappies, Real Fun!

  1. Thanks so much for your kind words. A lot of hard work has gone into this (and I for one have a rather grumpy OH who would like his wife back of an evening instead of sitting clicking away on my laptop!), so it’s nice that someone appreciates it!

  2. Thanks to all involved – lots of hard work evident x

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