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Thursday – Real Nappy Week: Real Easy! (Honest!!!)

on April 18, 2013


In the words of the almighty Dangermouse,

‘Gooooood Grief!’

I can’t quite believe that it’s already Thursday! Real Nappy Week is flying by – I blinked and most of it has gone. I’ve really been enjoying this week – I’m finding that the different things that the real nappy companies have put on have got people talking (mostly in a good way) and I personally am particularly enjoying ‘The Great British Nappy Hunt’.

Maybe it’s because I’m at work most of the time, maybe it’s because when I’m at home I’m with my son/ doing the shopping/sleeping and don’t have time to click on lots and lots of sites and look through Facebook pages for clues, I’m not sure. Whatever the reason, Billy the cloth-bummed kid has caught my attention a little more and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the competition so far.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the concept of Clothopoly and if you’ve got the time, I can see that it’s a lot of fun and the amazing prizes that you can enter for are well worth it. I just don’t have that time – let’s face it, I don’t even get to wee on my own at the moment without a toddler giving me a running commentary!

Best of luck to everyone in whatever you enter! Remember that lots of the nappy retailers have their own little competitions as well and it’s well worth having a good look around.

Have you entered my giveway yet? If not – have a think about someone you could nominate to win a little bundle of nappies and goodies. It’d be a nice, thoughtful thing to do!
Go on! You know you want to!

So – today’s Real Nappy Week theme is ‘Real Easy’. Now, I could (and often do) wax lyrical to anyone and everyone that will listen as to just how utterly SIMPLE and EFFORTLESS cloth nappies are to use. They are such a doddle nowadays!

Gone are the days of boiling up your nappies on the stove, of soaking for hours. I mean, I’m a lazy wench at the best of times and if they were such hard work (or even just a little bit of hard work) I wouldn’t have bothered.

At all.

I would have given up quite quickly.

I’ve blogged about this in the past HERE and HERE but in a nutshell, I find using cloth nappies so easy.

I have a large wetbag in the upstairs toilet and once I’ve changed my little Monkey’s nappy, I get rid of any poo down the loo and put the nappy in the wetbag (after taking out any inserts). That’s it! That’s all I need to do until the wetbag is full, which is about every 3 days.

Then I take them down and wash them (use about half/third of my normal dose of non-bio washing powder along with a scoop of sanitiser, but not Napisan as it wrecks the waterproof wraps).
I do a 60 degree wash with a pre-wash and that’s it.

The nappies then go on my airer (hopefully outside now it’s getting a bit warmer) and are left to dry.

See! Pretty simple stuff!


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