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Friday – Real Nappy Week 2013: Real Future

on April 19, 2013


Before I even start, I must apologise for the really brief nature of this blogpost. I’ve been out all morning promoting cloth nappies to all the lovely people who came along to my nappuccino and this afternoon I…


I could lie to you right now and say that I’ve been doing something of value,
something worthy…


The honest truth is that…


We obviously needed it and I feel miles better for having it! But the downside of all that lovely sleeping (and ignoring of all household duties) is that it’s now bath and bed time and then I have a load of stuff to catch up on!

So, today’s Real Nappy Week theme is – ‘Real Future’

Now, I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination and I really don’t have all the facts and figures to hand (see the wonderful post by Go Real to find out lots more info) but what I do know is that the idea of throwing away lots and lots of disposables full of toxins, chemicals and plastic has never appealed to me at all.

I mean – come on – it’s hideous. I see just how much waste some of my friends create from solely using the things and it’s pretty dreadful stuff. We had to use disposables for two weeks after Monkey had an operation last year and, to make it worse, we had to double nappy him as he had a catheter in. The amount of waste we created was shocking and it made me so glad that I use cloth.

If we want our children, grandchildren and other descendants to have a planet that is worth living on then we really need to do something. Not just about disposable nappies, obviously, but it’s a massive waste issue and one that we can all take an active role in doing something about. Thirty odd years ago, disposables weren’t even an option and now they are the ‘norm’. Our society has gone and got so lazy, so throwaway and we need to wake up and take responsibility to ensure that there’s a future and a planet worth having.

24-30 ish cloth nappies that can be reused on other babies vs thousands (around 4000) disposables per child. It’s a no brainer, surely?!

OH! A quick reminder to enter your friend into my GIVEAWAY! It closes on Sunday so get your skates on!


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