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Sunday – Real Nappy Week : Real Clean (plus a bit about Saturday too!!!)

on April 21, 2013


Argh! I must apologise for a lack of blogpost yesterday. I had one all written up and queued it up on one of those automatic system thingies which meant, in theory, that the post should have uploaded itself for you all to see yesterday.

Well. It didn’t, did it… Utterly rubbish. Ok, ok, I know that means that I probably didn’t set it up correctly but it’s much easier for me to blame the technology, so that’s what I’m going to do! Bad technology.

So, yes, did any of you manage to get out to one of The Great Cloth Diaper Change events? For those of you who don’t know what this is, click on the link to find out more and keep an eye out for it next year. Annoyingly, I couldn’t go this year due to a really important appointment, but I plan on running one next year – which will be rather cool!

Having a mass nappy change is such a great idea as it brings instant attention to just how funky cloth nappies are and just how simple they are too! I’ve seen lots of lovely photos of the one that was done at Glow, Bluewater yesterday and it looks as if it’s a lot of fun!

So, the theme of today is ‘Real Clean’

Most people that I’ve spoken to cloth nappies about (ones that either are thinking of changing or had never really considered them before) seem to have one thing that either completely or slightly puts them off – the cleaning aspect.

People have the impression that it’s hard, that you’re going to be touching poo and that it’s a lot of work. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Cloth nappies are such a breeze to use and to wash and, in fact, seem to create less washing than using disposables. You see – you don’t get those explosive nappy leaks. You know the ones! Those horrendous moments that are suffered by disposable nappy users where the baby has a poosplosion, the flimsy paper nappy can’t cope and the baby and clothing ends up covered in poo.

I can safely say that I’ve NEVER had one of those! Cloth nappies are fab for containment, so I have never had to wash poo-covered clothes. Brilliant.

So, how do you wash them? I’ve written a blogpost about it HERE but it’s just so easy.

Take off the nappy.
Put any poo down the loo and either bin or flush any paper liner (some can’t be flushed, be careful!)
Separate the components of the nappy (take any inserts out of pockets)
Put them into either a nappy bucket that’s lined with a mesh bag or a wetbag (this is dry pailing)
When your bucket or wetbag is full, pop the nappies (with the mesh bag, or wetbag) into the washing machine (shake them out of the bag into the machine)
Wash with about a third/half of your usual washing powder with NO CONDITIONER IN IT AT ALL (non bio is best for sensitive skin) I use a drop or two of tea tree oil as well.
Wash at 60 degrees (I do a prewash) for smaller babies and then, well it’s up to you. I alternate my washes so sometimes it’s at 40 and sometimes it’s at 60.
Take out and dry. Obviously tumble drying is expensive and also not really needed. Get them out on the line when it’s sunny and the sun will help to bleach out any stains.

That’s it.

It takes you about 3 minutes to put on a wash and then about 10 mins max to hang them out at the end. That’s less time that it takes for most people to even get ready to go to the shops!

Have you got your nappies out on the line today? It’s such a glorious day here and mine are brightening up the garden right now!

Happy Real Nappy Week Sunday, everyone!

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What are you waiting for? Nominate a friend today!

daisytheclothbummum wrote this post immensely quickly and is aware that there are probably some dreadful typos in it. It’s Sunday. I’m half asleep. Oh well!


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