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Taking Cloth on Holiday

on August 22, 2013


Goodness me – it’s been a little while since I’ve written on here.
The summer holidays are flying by and we’ve been having SO much fun that there’s not been much time to sit and stop.

To stop and think.

To think and write!

Holidays are brilliant and when you’re lucky enough to have chosen a job like mine, it’s perfect for being a family. Doing things all summer long.

We’ve been for day trips out.

We’ve been Gruffalo hunting again!

We’ve gone to lots of woods and lots of soft play places.

Running, seeing, doing, making – having a fantastic time.

But that’s all been based from home.

Now – now we’ve been on holiday. Been to the beach and paddled in the sea.
Little Master Clothbum has had a wonderful time playing in the sand and getting so much more confidence in the water.

It’s been a joy.

But what to do about nappies on holiday. When I packed, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Whether our family chalet (that I’ve not been to for 20 years…) had full washing facilities.
Whether the weather would be in our favour or not.

So I packed some disposables as well as our cloth, unsure of what we were going to use the most.

I have to say – cloth mainly won! It was pretty easy, thanks to our chalet having a washer/dryer and a clothes line/ airers. It’s actually was exactly the same as being at home.

I’m going to be honest and say that we used some disposables when we were out and about and we used them towards the end of the holiday just when we got all the cloth nappies washed in readiness for the trip back in the car, but other than that our little Monkey has rocked his cloth bum on the beach and his cloth swimming nappy in the pool!

How have you all got on with cloth on holiday? Have you ever found yourself using more disposables than normal?

I have to say I’ve been pretty shocked at how many we used towards the end of the week and it’s really reinforced my love of cloth nappies and I can’t even begin to think about how many disposables we’d have gone through by now if Monkey hadn’t been cloth-bummed from birth.

Isn’t cloth fab


One response to “Taking Cloth on Holiday

  1. inniee says:

    First time I went on holiday with cloth, I packed ALL of them, and gave them a designated suitcase. :p hahaha
    Safe to say, I didn’t need them all as I actually went to my parents!
    But that’s what you do first time around with 2 cloth bums! haha 😀

    Our holiday has been super. Nice weather, lots of nice warm weather, too warm at points so I’m glad I had Aircon! 😀

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